Akado Oy Launches Google Autocomplete Manipulation Feature

A new Google Autocomplete Manipulation feature has been launched by AkadoOy as part of the company’s reputation management services.


Kouvola, Finland -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2015 -- Akado Oy, a leading provider of reputation management services, has announced the launch of Google Autocomplete Manipulation, also known as Google Autosuggest Management. This addition allows the company's services to include the ability to change Google's Autocomplete results. It adds yet another option to improve name and brand reputation.

The service works through the efforts of qualified search experts. Real searches are conducted with client-specified search terms. The team is able to substitute the autosuggested terms and replace them with the customer's choice. These efforts are suited for SEO and reputation management purposes.

Results are typically seen in five to eight weeks. The service is available in addition to other reputation management services offered, including LinkWiper for getting rid of negative links. These help make a brand or company name look more impressive to searchers, as it is easy to move on and find competitors with similar products and services.

About Akado Oy
Akado Oy's services are available without a contract. Customer's can simply pay as they go, choosing keywords and goals on a case-by-case basis. All fees are sensible and depend on each individual keyword's level of competition. For Google Autocomplete Manipulation, a fixed price of $150 per keyword per month is applied.

The company provides other services such as search engine optimization, abd web development. Articles and news are available on the company's website to further improve understanding of its services and online marketing in general. They are listed by title, month, and tag.

To learn more about Akado Oy and its new Google Autocomplete Manipulation service for online reputation management, go to http://akado.fi/services/online-reputation-management/google-autocomplete-change/

Company: Akado Oy
Address: PL 125, 45100 Kouvola, Finland
Website: http://akado.fi/
Contact name: Ilya Nikitin
Contact email: ilya.nikitin@akado.fi
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