Finakeys Now Offers RFID Key Cloning to Get Quick Access


Belfast, Northern Ireland -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2015 -- RFID keys are now very common; they are used in cars, for homes, to access high security areas in offices and for any place one wants to keep secure. And what happens if one wants to share access to RFID key secured locations? In such cases one needs RFID key duplication. Well the good news is Finakeys is now offering people of Northern Ireland a way for simple and quick RFID key cloning.

Finakeys offers various important and emergency locksmith and key cutting services. They are known for their quick services in and around Belfast. With their team of mobile locksmiths they are ready to provide any emergency services as quickly as possible. Now to their large repertoire of various locksmith, key cutting services and related emergency services, they have now added RFID key cloning. So, what does one have to do to get one's key cloned?

Well here is the process to follow:

The first step is to identify one's RFID key model. Though they offer cloning for 90% of all RFID keys, it helps to be sure beforehand. Most of the manufacturers have the brand and model name on the key itself; so one has to just check it and make sure it is eligible for cloning. The next step is to choose the format one wants their duplicated key to be in; the service offers duplicate keys in different formats including key fob, key card or wristband. Hence, users can select any format of their choice. The next step is the payment step; in case of emergency one can select the quickest service where the key is sent on day1, the duplication is done on day 2 and the duplicated key is received on day 3. And finally, one has to send the original key for duplication alone with the duplication form and the original and duplicate will be sent back within 3 to 7 days depending on the service selected.

Thus, one can obviously see that duplication of RFID keys can be done quite simply and quite quickly if required. Additionally, the duplication is done in a safe and secure manner too. Thus if one is looking for a simple, easy, quick and secure way to get one's keys cloned, Finakeys offers the best service in the whole of Belfast, whether for apartments or offices.

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