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Tax Lawyer Nick Nemeth Advises Taxpayers on Their Rights in New Publication


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2015 -- Tax attorney Nick Nemeth, the founder of The Law Offices of Nick Nemeth  and someone well experienced in dealing with the Internal Revenue Service on behalf of clients, published an article which offers advice for taxpayers who may not fully understand their rights when pitted against the IRS. Since Nemeth often sees clients who have been taken advantage of by government agents, because the client did not realize what their rights were, the experienced lawyer published some tips and advice for taxpayers to keep in mind about the rights that they have. These rights are not always apparent, and agency employees may not make them clear when dealing with taxpayers.

The latest publication from Nick Nemeth, a taxpayer advocate in the Dallas and Fort Worth area, was released in order to make taxpayers aware of their rights and prevent taxpayer abuse by IRS agents. The article discusses the privacy of the taxpayer, confidentiality about the account of a taxpayer, and how the agency is responsible to keep this information completely private and never disclose any details at all unless the law or the taxpayer authorizes the information to be released. The penalty for violating any of these rights can be very severe, and this includes any agency employee who accesses a taxpayer account for any reason not authorized by the IRS.

Many taxpayers do not realize that the Internal Revenue Service must respect the rights of taxpayers, and that any decision by the agency can be challenged and appealed. In the event that the taxpayer disagrees with the findings or the position by the IRS then Nick Nemeth advises the taxpayer to appeal. The challenge should be heard by an Independent Forum which is fair and impartial, with no bias towards either side in the dispute. According to the latest publication by Nick Nemeth many taxpayers do not even realize that they can choose a representative, and this is someone who can discuss the account with the IRS on behalf of the taxpayer. Sometimes just getting a little breathing room by having someone else take over IRS negotiations can be a relief for many taxpayers.

According to several tax attorneys, including Nick Nemeth, the IRS hopes that taxpayers are not aware of their rights. Since agents of this government agency are known to push the envelope if they feel the taxpayer owes a debt it is very important that taxpayers know what their rights are so these rights can be enforced and protected. This includes the right to be treated in a professional manner, and to receive courteous customer service and either an answer to any questions, or a transfer or a discussion on details about where the answer can be found. Taxpayers who are unhappy with an IRS experience can be connected to a supervisor at the agency in order to discuss this experience. Nick Nemeth works hard to ensure that taxpayers are treated fairly, and the newest article published can be very helpful for those who have an IRS dispute.

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