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OloRing Device Launches IndieGoGo Campaign for Production Funds

The OloRing is a male sexual enhancement device that improves performance and experience. Now, OloRing has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise production funds for this device.


Milano, Italy -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2015 -- OloRing is the world's first device of its kind.  It stimulates the muscles in the pubo-coccygeous region of the body, enhancing sexual performance and experience for males.  This simple, compact device is easy to use and can maximize male performance in bed without the use of dangerous drugs.  OloRing can help men obtain and maintain erections for longer periods of time and experience more pleasure from sex.  Now, OloRing has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for the production of this device as well as its marketing and distribution.

Located at, this campaign is seeking funds to start mass production of the OloRing as well as advertise and distribute it worldwide.  At the $25 level, donors receive a free OloRing t-shirt.  At the $99 level, donors receive the t-shirt as well as a free OloRing kit and mention on the website.  Discounts are also available when donating at the $576 level for five OloRings and the $1152 level for 10 OloRings.  At the $1500 level, donors receive a silver metal OloRing and at the $5000 level a gold metal OloRing, offers only available through IndieGoGo.  All orders will be delivered by September 2015.  Shipping is discreet with nothing on the package to indicate its contents.  Donors can also choose to have their names withheld from the website.

Five adhesives are included with every OloRing pack, and adhesive should be changed every 10 to 15 times the device is used.  New adhesives can be ordered via the website.  If the campaign's stretch goals are successful, OloRing will include a wireless rechargeable battery and charger.  The original prototype contains two ion batteries that provide about 10 hours of usage each.

The OloRing comes with two ion battery that gives you 10 hours of usage each. If we reach our stretch goal we will able to make OloRing wireless rechargeable, so you will receive one rechargeable battery and one wireless charger, to never stop using it.  OloRing is intended for consumer use only and is not a medical device, although the product is in the process of medical device approval. 

For more information, see the device website at

About OloRing
OloRing is the first male sexual enhancement device of its kind.  Without dangerous drugs or chemicals, OloRing provides a greater sexual experience, longer erections and better male performance.

Contact Person: Simone Rommelli
Company: OloDevice
Address: Milano, Italy
Phone: +393402749797