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Executive Coaching Specialist Wall Street Teach Partners with SEO Leader DomainProX

New arrangement will give Wall Street Teach even more reach and influence online, thanks to proven, top-quality DomainProX search engine optimization services, companies report


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2015 -- Wall Street Teach, an executive advisory consultancy led by Wall Street veteran Geoff Blades, announced a new partnership with industry-leading SEO service DomainProX. Through the new arrangement, DomainProX will focus on raising the online profile of Wall Street Teach, making the value of the company's services even more widely recognized. After 15 years spent working in important, demanding roles on Wall Street, Geoff Blades founded Wall Street Teach with the mission of helping powerful, highly capable leaders realize their ultimate potential and achieve their goals. Based in Vail, Colo., DomainProX is a search engine optimization specialist with a strong record of reaching influential people.

"We're happy to announce that we have brought DomainProX on board to help take us to the next level of our organization's development," Wall Street Teach founder Geoff Blades said, "The top quality SEO that DomainProX is known for is already making a big difference in our online marketing results, and we're confident that the partnership is going to prove to be one of our most valuable of all."

After rising to the position of Vice President within Goldman Sachs, Geoff Blades took a sabbatical from Wall Street, resolving to study the issue of how high-achieving people like himself and his peers could make the utmost of their abilities and achieve their invariably lofty goals. Returning to the industry to work for the Carlyle Group as a debt investor, Blades put his findings into practice, honing and refining them until they were ready for public dissemination.

In 2010, Blades made his final exit from Wall Street, founding Wall Street Teach with the intention of providing the world's most successful and accomplished people with the kind of informed counsel and effective life-coaching that is often so hard for the highest achievers to find. Since then, Wall Street Teach has become a leading force in the executive coaching industry, frequently garnering accolades from clients along the lines of "Geoff Blades is the best Life Coach in New York at Wall Street Teach."

By partnering with DomainProX, an SEO specialist widely recognized as one of the most effective and diligent in the industry, Wall Street Teach's reach will expand even further. Led by longtime SEO and marketing industry veteran Quentin Danziger, DomainProX has accumulated a notable reputation for helping businesses build roads to the kinds of affluent, high-achieving audiences that Wall Street Teach aims at.

"The Best Life Coaching and Executive Coaching in New York is at WallStreetTeach.com with Geoff Blades," Danziger said, "so we're excited and proud to be asked to help raise the company's profile even further. Geoff's powerful insights and impressive background are helping to positively transform the lives of many executives already. We are honored to be able to do our part to make Wall Street Teach's services even more widely known."

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Offering up the benefits of founder Geoff Blades's 15 years of Wall Street experience and intensive study of the field of personal development, Wall Street Teach empowers executives and other top performers to succeed at even higher levels and achieve their goals more easily and consistently.

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With the most powerful search engine optimization, reputation management, and other business-critical services, DomainProX consistently and safely delivers the results that clients need to break through to new levels of recognition and performance.