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Hassle Free Boilers Offers Payment Schemes to Suit Every Budget

The company is currently running a special which allows clients to save hundreds on their next boiler, reports HassleFreeBoilers.com


Tetbury, Gloucestershire -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2015 -- Hassle Free Boilers announces they now offer a payment scheme designed to fit any budget. The company, to further assist clients, now offers a special allowing clients to save as much as £400 on a new boiler. Individuals love the fact that they are able to obtain a great deal on a new boiler in under one hour. Anyone in need of a new system should contact the company today for assistance.

"To take advantage of the payment scheme, consumers pay a deposit and then a low monthly amount by direct deposit for a predetermined period of time. As the rated boiler tends to help consumers save up to 40 percent on their gas bill, the low monthly amount is often less than the savings one achieves on their fuel bill. This means consumers still end up with more money in their wallet each month," Lee Brooker, spokesperson for Hassle Free Boilers, explains.

Sizing a boiler has never been easier, thanks to the step by step process utilized by Hassle Free Boilers. One only needs to select the number of bedrooms in the home, the number of baths, the current heating method, and the location of the boiler. Once this information has been provided, a boiler may be selected. The company isn't currently installing oil boilers, but does offer alternative solutions. Some solutions save consumers up to 50 percent each year on their fuel bills and some find they are eligible for an annual payment offered through the government.

Brooker recommends consumers consider all options as a new boiler offers a number of benefits. When one makes the right selection for their home, they see their fuel costs decrease and individuals find obtaining a new boiler through the company provides peace of mind thanks to the quality of installation and service. When a system is regularly maintained and serviced, it operates more efficiently, saving money and hassle.

To ensure clients understand exactly what they are getting when they purchase a boiler through Hassle Free Boilers, the company sends a contract to the client before a survey is done of the property. This provides clients the time needed to review the contract and ask any questions before signing, and the contract serves as a sign of commitment, yet the consumer isn't required to proceed with the purchase until the survey is completed. There's no obligation when one chooses to make use of this company.

"Every boiler obtained through Hassle Free Boilers includes a 12 year guarantee. When repairs aren't possible for any reason, clients find the company replaces the system at no additional charge. This is the equivalent of obtaining a free boiler. In the event repairs may be completed to restore the system to full operating capacity, all replacement parts, labour and the annual servicing and safety check are free. In addition, the full central heating flush is included in the price and one only pays a monthly direct debit payment. There are no hidden costs when one chooses to work with us," Brooker proclaims.

About Hassle Free Boilers
Affiliated with the award-winning Ecovision Group, Hassle Free Boilers installs sustainable energy systems and has been doing so for almost ten years. With over 5,000 installations under their belt, the company has helped thousands of families minimize their carbon footprint along with their fuel bills. A local service, the company prides itself on its overall size, which allows the company to offer benefits now seen with smaller providers. Individuals find the company offers the best boilers on the market today.