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Mandy McEwen of Mod Girl Marketing Publishes New, Free Digital Marketing eBook

Subscribers to McEwen's weekly #8ways newsletter receive immediate access to eBook that details the most effective and actionable digital lead generation techniques of 2015, Mod Girl Marketing reports


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2015 -- Mandy McEwen, a top digital marketing consultant and founder of Mod GirlĀ® Marketing, released a new marketing eBook titled "8 Ways in 8 Days." Focusing on the eight most effective digital lead-generation techniques of 2015, the eBook is available for free to subscribers to McEwen's #8ways newsletter. The just-released eBook conveys in straightforward, practical form the eight most productive ways of generating qualified leads online today, ranging from innovative Facebook and Twitter marketing techniques to a brand-new form of guest blogging.

"The world of digital marketing is evolving more quickly than ever in 2015," McEwen stated, "My new eBook is just the thing, then, for those looking to discover the most effective lead generation techniques of today. It details eight powerful, simple strategies that can produce leads with very little effort or investment and does it in ways that anyone can make use of."

In the increasingly saturated and competitive online arena, many business owners feel torn between the goals of maximizing their lead generation results and making the most of their marketing resources. That can be a difficult balancing act, particularly insofar as the top marketing techniques of today may become obsolete virtually overnight.

Since 2011, McEwen's Full-Service Digital Marketing Firm, Mod Girl Marketing, has helped businesses everywhere gain the online edge that they need to bring in more leads and maximize their returns on investment. Stressing continuing training and education throughout the highly successful company's ranks, McEwen has stewarded it to a place where word-of-mouth referrals from impressed clients make up the greater part of its new business.

Remaining in that enviable position means striving tirelessly to stay on top of the latest developments in the digital marketing sphere. McEwen's new eBook shows off the freshest fruits of that labor, offering up eight of today's simplest and most effective digital lead-generation tactics, each of which can be put into practice within a day even by those with no previous experience.

This valuable new eBook is available, entirely free of charge, to those who sign up for the Mod Girl Marketing newsletter at

It contains eight distinct strategies, each of which is tuned for the greatest effectiveness in today's marketing environment. Readers will find powerful, actionable tips for writing press releases that produce leads, crafting social media campaigns that go viral, enacting the top paid advertising strategy of 2015, and much more.

In addition, subscribers to McEwen's #8ways newsletter will receive fresh, weekly marketing tips, as well as access to a list of the resources that Mod Girl Marketing experts rely upon most in their everyday work. Visitors to the Mod Girl Marketing website will find detailed information about the company's full range of top-quality digital marketing services and can easily sign up there for a free, no-hassle email consultation.

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