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Grade-Defying New Book, by Former 'Dyscalculic', Provides Thorough, Unambiguous Grounding in Algebra

Written by mathematically-challenged social worker-turned-math teacher, Michael Paxinos, ‘Algebra 1: Part 1’ fills in the gaps among existing textbooks for students who want to be good at math, but their grades say otherwise. Urging students not to let grades determine their passion or success, Paxinos walks students through the solid basics of everything from arithmetic operations and fractions to exponents, scientific notation and distribution law. Purposefully designed to supplement existing algebra textbooks, Paxinos’ creation and powerful personal back-story are poised to change the game for those who just wish they were good with numbers…


Henderson, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2015 -- While it bucks tradition, as a youngster, Michael Paxinos just loved math. While his passion was unshakable, his grades proved that math was actually his worst subject. However, after pursuing a career in social work and quitting due to his burning desire to crack math, Paxinos educated himself and ended up teaching the subject at college level.

Paxinos became acutely aware that, just like him, thousands of other students were struggling to crack the basics of algebra and were becoming downtrodden by their plundering grades. Picking up where most algebra textbooks leave off, Paxinos has now created a wholly-unique workbook just for them.

'Algebra 1: Part 1: Chapters 1 -3 (Alegbra I)' provides a thorough and what-you-see-is-what-you-get grounding in a subject usually glossed over as tedious and impossible to master.


Algebra 1: Part 1 provides a thorough demonstration of common algebraic problems that are worked out in unambiguous detail. Though not a textbook, it is used to supplement common algebra textbooks in today's curriculum. Algebra I: Part 1 is a great and effective addition to algebra books in that it fills the gap to where many textbooks are deficient. The author wrote the book from the perspective of the anxieties a struggling student would experience. With this in mind, the author provided over 2,000 problems that are worked out step by step, all of which include the answers. This text is part 1 of V. Part 1 includes chapters 1-3 which contains the following topics. Arithmetic operations, Fractions, Combining like terms, Exponents, Distribution Law, Scientific notation, Evaluating expressions, Order of operations , Radical expressions, Solving for the unknown variable and much more.

"This book was designed from the ground up for those who struggle with algebra; those who are forced to put up with low grades yet have a burning desire to crack the subject and prosper in it," explains Paxinos. "That was once me, and by teaching myself I took my GPA from 1.5 to 3.6. I learned that passion and hard work ultimately determine success."

Continuing, "I know exactly what struggling students need, and this book fills the gaps in existing study materials. With over 2000 problems, and many more volumes planned, the new series I am creating will help anyone overcome the anxiety and setbacks brought on by grades that don't reflect their true ability."

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews. Diane Hanchar comments, "Finally a workbook for those who have struggled with this subject written by one who has experienced the difficulties first hand. The problems and the methods of solving them are presented in a simple easy to understand manner. Of the many self help textbooks available on this subject this one standouts due to its simplicity and takes the confusion out of algebraic problem solving."

Richard Applegate adds, "This book starts at the beginning and walks the reader through the process using many problems to practice and then examples that emphasize the point. This approach makes a lot of sense. I plan on keeping this as a tool to use later with my grandchildren."

'Algebra 1: Part 1: Chapters 1 -3 (Alegbra I)' is available now: http://amzn.to/1N6zsWu

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About Michael Paxinos
I have been a college math teacher for 8 years. My students frequently ask "Mr. Paxinos, have you always been good at math?" My response is always "no." Math was my worst subject. I only reached pre-algebra in high school and I failed. I stuck with it because I love the subject, though my grades would say otherwise. In college, I failed 10 math classes. Some were algebra some were advanced level math. I simply could not understand the tests or the homework.

I finally decided to learn the subject on my own terms. I needed to have each problem and concept broken down as far as it can be broken down. Otherwise, I wouldn't get it. I could not learn with steps being omitted. I could not learn by just doing the easy problems and omitting the hard ones, which were frequently on the homework. I could not learn by reading excess explanations with meager examples. I could not learn by being given only half the answer.

So this book is written from an angle that is anchored in personal experience. I wrote the book with respect to what a struggling student, such as me, would need to comprehend a problem. This book is to the point and minimizes descriptive language while maximizing a wealth of detailed examples.