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Growing Tall Amidst Obstacles: Nigerian Native's New Book of Universal Truths Urges Readers to Appreciate & Embrace Life's Simplicity

‘Growing Tall Amidst Obstacles’ sees the reader sit down with author Chief Nnamdi A. Ekenna to learn about his early life in Nigeria, his fascinating family back-story and ultimately foster appreciation for even life’s most mundane events. Told with finesse, sheer honesty and even a touch of magic, Chief Ekenna’s bold collection of stories transcends North American life to celebrate simple everyday living.


Tarzana, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2015 -- While every family has a story, those growing up in North America tend to follow something of a cookie-cutter routine. Life is very different in Nigeria and, for the first time, one man who knows life on both sides of the world is telling his own personal story in the hopes of inspiring people everywhere.

Chief Nnamdi A. Ekenna's 'Growing Tall Amidst Obstacles' takes readers to life on the streets of Nigeria and into the uplifting history of the author's family. They have a remarkable story to tell; tales that will help readers achieve remarkable things in their own capacity.


Growing Tall Amidst Obstacles collects Chief Ekenna's writings for the first time, showcasing the talent and wisdom of a remarkable man.

Many of Chief Ekenna's stories center on his childhood and adolescence in Nigeria. The seventh of nineteen children born to a traditional polygynous family, Chief Ekenna grew up in circumstances that may seem exotic and strange to anyone not familiar with Nigerian Igbo culture. Chief Ekenna has a gift, however, for finding the common experience within his tales, making the unfamiliar seem familiar despite cultural differences.

More than a collection of personal reminiscences, Growing Tall Amidst Obstacles records Chief Ekenna's exploration of his family's past. After long conversations with his father and uncle, Chief Ekenna discovers the life of his grandfather, a man he never met. Learning of his grandfather's career as a respected practitioner of traditional Nigerian medicine adds an additional layer to Chief Ekenna's understanding of his personal heritage and the richness of his culture.

Ultimately, Growing Tall Amidst Obstacles represents a dialogue between Chief Ekenna and the reader. His stories invite readers to examine the apparent simplicity of life and take pleasure in even the most mundane of events. Chief Ekenna's message is universal; we may all be products of our environments, but somehow we all share common experiences and bonds.

"Our past is key to understanding our future, and we all have a story to tell. While my story is somewhat unique, its premise could have been written by anyone else in any corner of the globe," explains Ekenna, who has prospered during a highly-successful career in law. "The goal of my storytelling is to cut through the complexities of life and reveal universal truths. The message in this book is that life is innately great – whatever a person is experiencing and however they are feeling. Even the mundane is a gift, and it is time we as humanity embraced it."

Continuing, "With nineteen siblings, I have a big family, and we have a growing story that spans Africa. I hope that the cultural differences between Nigeria and North America make my writing a true eye-opener for all readers, something that will hopefully leave them with plenty to think about."

'Growing Tall Amidst Obstacles' is available now: http://amzn.to/17Lo2qi.

Fans of the author's work are also urged to check out his other publication, 'We Must Hear All the Stories': http://amzn.to/1DxPy3j.

About Chief Nnamdi A. Ekenna
Chief Nnamdi A. Ekenna is an Author & Consultant - Available for Speaking Engagements; and an Attorney & Counselor-at-Law.

Chief Nnamdi A. Ekenna, the seventh of nineteen children, was born in Aba, Nigeria, into a homologous polygynous family. His education started at the Primary level at the then Township School, Aba, through Secondary School at Dennis Memorial Grammar School {DMGS}, Onitsha, and after a brief stint in Higher School at the Federal School of Arts and Science, Aba, proceeded to the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus, where he obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Law, graduating with Honors. After a one year Professional Legal Studies at the Nigeria Law School, Lagos, where he was awarded a B.L., with Honors, he was "called" to the Nigerian Bar in 1984, and upon completion of the mandatory National Youth Service Corps in Ado Ekiti, then Ondo State, he engaged in Private Law Practice at Aba, and briefly as an In-house Counsel at Elf Nigeria Limited, before relocating to the United States in the Fall of 1991. From June, 1994 to present, he has practiced Law in the Greater Los Angeles area, and is admitted to the Bar of the State of California {1994}, District of Columbia {2005}, and the Highest Court of the Land, The Supreme Court of the United States {2007}.