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We Must Hear All the Stories: Powerful Book Calls Readers to Action, Sharing Their Interpersonal Tales & Creating the "Great" Story of the Universe

Written with empowering finesse by U.S. lawyer and Nigerian native, Chief Nnamdi A. Ekenna, ‘We Must All Hear The Stories: And Here Are Some More of Mine:- My Musings - My Reflections’ calls on readers to appreciate the present, and shape their own personal stories to produce a global narrative of drive and determination. Shunning an opportunity to preach and instead opting for a warm, conversational tone, Chief Ekenna’s work has already been described as “a book built on inspiration and encouragement” by critics.


Tarzana, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2015 -- As the old adage states, "There's always a thousand reasons not to do something". Growing up in Nigeria and one of nineteen children, the core of Chief Nnamdi A. Ekenna's soul is built on the foundation of seizing any opportunity that comes his way.

It's a current that has run through his family for generations and, a firm believer that every person's story holds a vital place in the world's collective narrative, Chief Ekenna is now serving up a bold dose of wisdom with his latest book - 'We Must All Hear The Stories: And Here Are Some More of Mine:- My Musings - My Reflections' - isn't a passive tale. Instead it is calling readers to urgent action.


From an innocuous encounter in an airplane to discourses of the enrichment of the only philosophy his own father handed down to him, through issues of concern for dereliction of education to building a wholesome and homogeneous community, he highlights issues through his own journey through life and the numerous recordation of those he had made and shared in a span of close to two decades, blending fun and earnest graveness without being preachy or sanctimonious.

Drawing from the Desiderata and his favorite prayer, "Good Morning, God," he uses an engaging discourse form to deliver the message that out stories, individually and collectively, written or unwritten, is the culminant of the world's story.

In this book, he shows that inspiration is not farfetched and that from effecting liveability in our immediate surroundings, we can shape our story to effect "points of contact and communication" that will eventually give "the world story, the great story ... a chance to develop."

"I felt a burning need to call the world's attention and urge people everywhere to seize the moment, shape compelling stories within their own lives and then share them with the world. By doing this we can build up the greatest story in history, which is the story of our world," explains the author.

Continuing, "However, it isn't going to write itself. I'm getting things started by baring my soul on paper and sharing what I have to contribute. For this to work, others need to do the same. We have a boundless opportunity on our hands."

Critics agree, leaving a slew of positive reviews. For example, Amanda Silva of Clarion Reviews comments, "Ekenna's call to action, regarding interpersonal interactions and sharing stories, centers on a sincere appreciation for the present, and a rejection of the future as a guarantee." "Waiting may be the death of us," he writes, and urges his readers to embrace whatever dreams and ambitions they harbor and not wait until the "right" time to pursue them. "This is a book built on inspiration and encouragement, written in a warm and conversational tone. His choice of familiar, if not household, names casts him as a trusted narrator. He is not lofty, though his ideas demand great self-awareness, an almost spiritual astuteness, in his readers."

With the book's popularity increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies without delay.

'We Must All Hear The Stories: And Here Are Some More of Mine:- My Musings - My Reflections' is available now: http://amzn.to/1DxPy3j

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About Chief Nnamdi A. Ekenna
Chief Nnamdi A. Ekenna is an Author & Consultant - Available for Speaking Engagements; and an Attorney & Counselor-at-Law.

Chief Nnamdi A. Ekenna, the seventh of nineteen children, was born in Aba, Nigeria, into a homologous polygynous family. His education started at the Primary level at the then Township School, Aba, through Secondary School at Dennis Memorial Grammar School {DMGS}, Onitsha, and after a brief stint in Higher School at the Federal School of Arts and Science, Aba, proceeded to the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus, where he obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Law, graduating with Honors. After a one year Professional Legal Studies at the Nigeria Law School, Lagos, where he was awarded a B.L., with Honors, he was "called" to the Nigerian Bar in 1984, and upon completion of the mandatory National Youth Service Corps in Ado Ekiti, then Ondo State, he engaged in Private Law Practice at Aba, and briefly as an In-house Counsel at Elf Nigeria Limited, before relocating to the United States in the Fall of 1991. From June, 1994 to present, he has practiced Law in the Greater Los Angeles area, and is admitted to the Bar of the State of California {1994}, District of Columbia {2005}, and the Highest Court of the Land, The Supreme Court of the United States {2007}.