A-1 Electric

A-1 Electric Provides Electrical Contracting Work in Penndel and Philadelphia


Penndel, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2015 -- A-1 Electric is an organization of electricians headed by President of Operations, Thomas Greenage. The company offers electrical contracting work that complies with codes and regulations for all Areas Having Jurisdiction (AHJ's) around Penndel and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

A-1 Electric has skilled electricians ready to help clientele when they need it most. In the unfortunate event of an individual's power being turned off, A-1 Electric has procedures in place to ensure that it is turned back on for them.

Power can be shut off for a residential or commercial property for many reasons. One reason could be failure to pay the bill. If bill payment is the reason for a client's electricity being turned off, A-1 Electric will help their client proceed through all the necessary steps to have their electricity reinstated.

However, failure to pay bills is only one reason electricity would be shut off. Poorly constructed, dilapidated or damaged electrical systems are an extreme safety and fire hazard to building occupants, as well as the surrounding property and individuals. When a faulty or at-risk system is detected, PECO will effectively shut off power for that property.

When power is shut off due to a dangerously compromised electrical system, A-1 Electric has the skill and experience it takes to help a property owner or renter achieve reintroduction of service. Through replacement of wiring and other elements of the electrical system, A-1 Electric will effectively create an electrical system that is not only clean and contemporary, but will also abide by the codes and regulations of the AHJ in charge.

Unfortunately, AHJ's require that electrical contractors implementing new wiring and systems are prohibited from conducting an official electrical systems inspection. In other words, if A-1 Electric installs new wiring or electrical systems for a client, they cannot perform an inspection. However, they possess the skills and expertise to perform installations, constructions and inspections alike. A-1 Electric knows the proper third party agency in Montgomery, Delaware and Bucks County to assist where they are not permitted.

For more information on A-1 Electric and how property owners can benefit from their comprehensive electrical contracting, inspection and underwriting services every year, contact them by phone at 215-965-1599 or toll-free at 888-332-2962. Additionally, new and returning clientele can also express inquiries through e-mail at admin@a-1-electric.com. They offer reintroduction of service in and around Montgomery County, Bucks County and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

About A-1 Electric
A-1 Electric is an organization of Electrical Inspectors and Master Electricians operating out of Penndel, Pennsylvania. They service Delaware County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with electrical underwriting, reintroduction of services, installation of electrical infrastructure and implementation of electrical equipment. They also offer complete electrical inspection and authorization consulting services certified by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, all local AHJs (Authorities Having Jurisdiction) and all PA electrical utilities.

Their customer support team also offers emergency support for all customers 24 hours a day. Anyone suffering from bad electrical infrastructure or loss of service is advised to contact A-1 Electric as soon as they can.

For more information, please visit: http://www.a-1-electric.com/ or call them at 888-332-2962