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E Instruments Now Offering Hand-Held Combustion Analyzers


Langhorne, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/09/2015 -- Forklift trucks, also known simply as forklifts, fork trucks or lift trucks, provide essential services to the manufacturing and supply chain industries by lifting and moving materials within a warehouse or for trucks that need loading and unloading. Unfortunately, many have internal combustion engines that burn fossil fuels and can thus produce carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and combustible hydrocarbons. These gases pose environmental and personal health hazards, and must be monitored. To simplify the monitoring process, E Instruments offers portable combustion gas and emissions analyzers.

Hand-held combustion analyzers, such as E Instruments' E1500 and E4500, serve as diagnostic and maintenance tools by measuring the air to fuel ratio and emission levels of each forklift's engine. Such measurements identify and calculate the sources that can affect safety and comfort in the work environment, thereby ensuring regulatory compliance and diminishing potentially adverse health effects from the forklift engine's exhaust gas.

The E1500 is a new hand-held industrial combustion gas and emissions analyzer designed for the maintenance and tuning of gas and diesel engines, as well as other combustion processes. This emissions analyzer features two gas sensors that are pre-calibrated and field replaceable. It has a full color, graphic display screen, a built-in printer and automatically saves data (up to 2000 tests) with data tags. E Instruments also offers the new E4500 combustion gas and emissions analyzer. This analyzer provides two more sensors than the E1500, and monitors O2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2, and CxHy hydrocarbons. While both units can perform excess air and efficiency calculations, the E4500 also supplies CO2 calculations. For more information on either of these devices, view E Instruments' brochures and informational videos.

All portable combustible gas and emissions analyzers available from E Instruments are at the top of their class. Visit the company's website today for more information on these and many other devices that can ensure the air quality for forklift operators everywhere.

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