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Nick Nemeth Explains Taxpayer Rights in New Article


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2015 -- Dallas and Fort Worth experienced IRS attorney Nick Nemeth recently published an article about the rights that taxpayers have when they have any contact with the Internal Revenue Service. This government agency wields exceptional power over US taxpayers, and the taxpayer rights that the law provides protects Americans from abuse or harassment by IRS employees and agents. Many people do not understand what rights they have when it comes to the Internal Revenue Service, or even that they have these rights in the first place. If taxpayers do not realize what their rights are the IRS may try to trample these rights or run roughshod over the individual because there is nothing to keep the agents in check.

In the published article Dallas attorney Nick Nemeth explains some of the various rights that are covered in the laws and the tax codes. These rights include privacy, confidentiality, quality service, professionalism, representation, a fair and impartial process, the right to appeal any decision disagreed with, and others. As an experienced tax attorney who focuses his entire practice on dealing with the Internal Revenue Service on behalf of his clients, Nick Nemeth knows the tax codes and IRS regulations very clearly, and how to deal with this agency to get the best results.

The experienced staff at the Law Offices of Nick Nemeth are taxpayer advocates. Sometimes the IRS agents cross the boundaries, and violate taxpayer rights. As a taxpayer every individual and business owner should expect the IRS to offer complete privacy and confidentiality of taxpayer information and account details. When contact is made with government agents from this agency the taxpayer is entitled to quality service, and a process which is fair, impartial, and applied to everyone regardless of status, wealth, or other individual factors.

In the latest publication tax attorney Nick Nemeth, a Texas based IRS lawyer, also explains that taxpayers have a right to finality when they are dealing with the IRS. This right prevents the agency from hounding a taxpayer for life, or from changing the amount owed frequently and never providing a final amount that needs to be resolved. Taxpayers are entitled to know what they need to do in order to comply with the IRS, as well as what they are expected to pay and what tax debt this amount covers.

Many taxpayers may not realize that they have an established right to choose their own representative, allowing this individual or tax professional to represent them and deal with the agency instead. Another important right that the IRS must respect is the right to appeal any decision that the taxpayer does not agree with, and to have any appeal heard by someone who is fair and impartial. This means that an agent of this government agency can not act in an arbitrary manner, or show preference, favoritism, or discrimination against any taxpayer for any reason. Not knowing these rights will put the taxpayer at a disadvantage in any dealings with the agency.

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