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Simone Rommelli Has Launched an Indiegogo Campaign for His New Product OloRing


Milano, Italy -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2015 -- Italian inventor Simone Rommelli has developed the ultimate toy for men. It is easy and comfortable to wear, and can enhance sexual performance. This hands-free, non-intrusive device produces erections and is waterproof.

It's called OloRing.

"There are thousands of sex toys for women and almost zero for men," notes Rommelli. "We have created something to make sex for men even more fun and different and, at the same time, we've designed a device that can enhance a man's sexual skills."

Using electronic waves, OloRing gently stimulates the pubococcygeus muscle, the male body part that influences sexual activity. It slips over the top of the male organ and underneath the testicles, held in place by a gentle hypoallergenic conductive medical-grade adhesive that is reusable and replaceable.

OloRing is made of medical grade silicon, operates at variable speeds and comes with two batteries, each of which will run for 10 hours. It is shipped in a plain, unmarked box.

Rommelli and his production team have developed several OloRing prototypes and run dozens of trials. The device has also been tested in hospitals with men who have had their prostates removed and are experiencing diminished sexual functioning.

"It really works," says Rommelli. "The design has been finalized and now it's time start manufacturing them."

He estimates that it will require an investment of $65,000 to get the OloRing to market. This would cover materials, production, shipping and marketing for an initial run. In order to generate this capital, Rommelli has launched an Indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed at

The Indiegogo page includes diagram and videos that explain how OloRing works.

For $30, backers will receive a black OloRing T-shirt that reads "Stay harder, longer!"

For a $99 pledge, you can get the OloRing and the T-shirt with free shipping. The retail price is $199.

"OloRing can give you better erections, better orgasms and enable you to experience something new and different," says Rommelli. "It can enhance the sexual experience for men and women."

For additional information, visit; the OloRing website,; or the OloRing Facebook page,

About Simone Rommelli
Simone Rommelli  is an  Italian inventor and he can be reached directly at He has has developed the ultimate toy for men.

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