Vitarank (MDX Group Inc) Shares Why March Is the Best Month for Effective Content Marketing

Thinking that creating content that is related to many celebrations this month, and distributing it fairly on various social media sites is definitely a match made in heaven.


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2015 -- March is a good month to start any content marketing plan in store to improve the marketability of the brand and in building stronger connection to the consumers with valuable content that is properly distributed. The month has a lot of potential materials that can be topical and useful to the daily living of consumers which could attract prospects and could hike sales. That creating content in various medium that generate traffic such as articles, videos, podcast and another post in this busy month, is a great opportunity that brands should not miss.

In March 17, people will celebrate St. Patrick's Day and this special day offers a plethora of opportunities for marketers to share useful, highly entertaining and extremely engaging article, post and videos that could promote their brand as well. Without a doubt, consumers will look for valuable contents that could help amplify their celebration experience in this holiday that includes holiday food ideas, fashion statements, decorative ideas etc., and this is the right moment that marketers should promote their brand through content marketing.

Aside to St. Patrick's Day, March houses other celebrations that could give marketers myriads of ideas on how they could market their brands and bring it closer to the consumers. These are the National Nutrition Month, the Red Cross Month, the Social Worker's Month, the Women's History Month, the Umbrella Month, the Poetry Month, the National Kite Month, the Credit Education Month, the National Cheerleading Safety Month, the Optimism Month, the Irish-American Heritage Month etc. which is enough for marketers to get a gist of what consumers are most likely to look for.

In addition to this, the changes in the season that will happen this month is another great break for marketers to publish articles or videos that has something to do with the vernal equinox or the first day of Spring which will take place on March 20. Marketers can provide consumers with How-to's and How-not-to's articles and videos that give emphasis to the daily needs of consumers. Tutorial videos and contents was found to be effective in encouraging people to patronized the product since they were able to see the proper way of using it by demonstration and able to digest the underlying importance of the product to their life.

A powerful platform that could support the marketers' campaign to raise brand awareness and in sharing product-related content is the Pinterest, which according to Bryan Galipeau, the social media manager of Nordstrom, customers engaged their selves each month on a number of pins posted a hundred of thousand times that could result in an increase in traffic and visibility in the internet.

Thinking that creating content that is related to many celebrations this month, and distributing it fairly on various social media sites is definitely a match made in heaven. And will only bear a promising result if a right content marketing plan will be implemented.

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