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Exciting Direct Sales Business: Gemnora Announces Launch Offering Quality Beauty Products with a Surprise Jewelry Item in Every Jar


Birmingham, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2015 -- There's little doubt that beauty products hold a special place in the heart of a great many women.  It's not very often when a new company takes an innovative approach in this area that causes a huge amount of excitement and inspires the world to take notice.  Enter Gemnora, a recently launched direct sales business that offers not only superior products, which include a surprise piece of jewelry in every jar, but also exceptional opportunities for people who want to achieve success with the Gemnora team.  Early reviews from users have been remarkably positive.

"Gemnora is an exciting new direct sales business that provides our customers and advisors with superior products and opportunities," commented Gemma, the spokesperson for the company.

According to the company, inside every jar of Gemnora lotion and scrubs is a piece of jewelry that is valued at anywhere between $10 and $7500.  Finding out how much each piece of jewelry is worth is simple:  A label is attached to each piece which provides a six digit code that, when entered on the Gemnora site, reveals the value of the jewelry.  This exciting spin on direct sales beauty products is clearly an exciting way to inspire interest in both the product and company.

Gemnora advisors receive up to a total of 30% commission on each and every sale.  Gemnora advisors get a personalized e-commerce store, a free online back office, live and accessible consultant support and training, and social media marketing materials.

The current Gemnora best sellers include:  Jasmine, Coconut Lime and Peppermint Ultra-Nourishing Moisturizers, Ginger Lime Dead Sea Salt Scrub, and many more.  New products are also planned to be added on a regular basis, and each of the current products has received very positive reviews both online and offline.

Early Gemnora advisors have given the company a full endorsement.

Hien P., from Alabama, recently said, "I love being a Gemnora advisor.  I'm sharing Gemnora beauty products locally withfriends, family and co-workers and even more onmy online store.  The products are amazing and the surprise jewellery keeps everyone very excited.  Oh, and for anyone wondering, Gemnora pays well and on time too.  Five stars and fully recommended."

For more information on the company or to join, be sure to visit

Media Contact:  Gemma Smith
Address: 2700 Corporate Dr, Suite 200, Birmingham, AL, United States 35242
Phone: 844-GEM-NORA