2015 Trend: Brands Look Towards Facebook for the Influencer Bump

Brands are expecting that 600-million people will suddenly “like”, “comment” and “share” their business simply because they’re on Facebook, but the reality is many of the users are not active and real!


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2015 -- Facebook keeps on being one of the top interpersonal organizations for small business, generally due to its size and the sheer number of individuals who utilize the platform regularly. But with algorithmic changes that are apparently making it harder for small business to achieve their fans, it's vital to search for honest ways to approaches to reach more fans and/or expand the number of individuals who like one's business. Sites where entrepreneurs can buy Facebook likes which are reals are very few. So it's very important to examine before buying likes, comments and shares from any online store. One business should seek sites with signs of prominence. These prominence social media shops have often backed celebrities and big brands and have the essential experience to buzz any company on social media world.

As one of the top leading social media site, Facebook grasp the huge area of virtual worlds. This is one of the reasons that tempt entrepreneurs to build a Facebook fan page or community group for promoting their product and services over the net widely. Social media marketing is the hottest trend of 2015 which means that substantial and unlimited traffic and sales for the company or brand.

According to a Forrester study, posts from top brands on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter reach just 2 percent of their likes (just the as usual likes, not new customer's likes) and only 0.07 percent of those likes and followers actually interact with those social media posts. This figure shows that if a business only wait for genuine response, it will be really hard for them to boost up their brand and product in the market quickly. Hence, buying real Facebook likes is vital in order to get a quick response and more audience for the brand.

Sales are also one of the essential factors in business and brands. Woodland, McDonalds, Killer, Gucci and many more, all add huge amounts of their social media marketing expense generated back from Facebook. But still figured amazed marketers at how many business websites have no social media connection with their accompanying Facebook or Instagram or Twitter social media accounts. If they put them on there, place it high up in the header area. If entrepreneurs hide it at the bottom of the web page, it will be "below the fold" and a lot of people will miss it. So it is vital to get Facebook likes to increase the ROI of their business.

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