RebrandOne Launches Its Most Awaited Instagram Clone That Offers Monetization Right from the Start

RebrandOne’s Android app templates are the perfect place to start building the awesome apps to make one’s photograph more beautiful, it can't be ignored!


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2015 -- RebrandOne, a leading global online business, today launched its most awaited social photo editing Instagram clone for Android, which uses a cool social media platform. This clone is compatible for both Android as well as iOS platform.

At first glance, the features and functionality of Instagram are obvious. This is an Android app which offers very cool social photo sharing platforms with very simple, square Polaroid-sequel aesthetics, and display photographs from friends in streaming the social feed. But as the Instagram is figuring out the way to monetize it, RebrandOne startup, and it certainly seems to have nailed it from the get-go.

Another fascinating feature of this Instagram clone script is, it offers a unique platform for photo editing and sharing. It makes it a part of the core photograph posting process for users to add text and frame embellishments. Many of the frameworks included in the app are brand-named such as "Fotoly iPhone app" that the users actually want to exhaust on their photographs. It's not hard to imagine getting a user in Asia to willingly use a Hello Kitty or Louis Vuitton frame around their picture.

Since the company launched recently, but still, it has attracted millions of users to the platform within a week. 35% of those are in Asia, with the rest of the U.S. The main reason for this spread is that unlike most image sharing apps which supervise to spotlight the Android upon launch, it is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

RebrandOne offers these crisp custom iOS and Android style frames to the users as a part of the branding campaigns that are run of labels. They also put up photographic competitions, and the standard to enter into the use of one of the exclusive frames around their photographs. The visual influence of a brand or frame's "sticker" on a photograph is far more important than hash tagging a brand.

About RebrandOne
RebrandOne, (, situated in San Jose, CA, MS is an effective online website business that was established to help other online entrepreneurs to build up and improve their online marketing. The team of RebrandOne's developers employs the latest tools to build up high class mass-market products. RebrandOne had developed numerous android and iPhone app, internet & cloud-based apps, internet search engine crawlers. They established a wide-range of re-usable programs which lets them to roll out any program software faster than their opponents.

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