Pinterest Seeks $11 Billion Valuation with New Funding

Target says it has had a good experience buying Pinterest ads. The retailer says traffic from Pinterest to Target.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2015 -- In the past few years, social media and internet marketing ranges high-class spending marketing in $(dollars) to promote one's business brands and services on Pinterest. But with insufficient exceptions, those businesses didn't actually buy any advertisement on the fast-growing social media network, which allows any business to "pins" images of their preferred things or places. The huge popularity of Pinterest makes entrepreneurs to buy Pinterest followers, likes and pines promote their business widely.

According to a research Pinterest has a huge number of audience nearly 70 million exclusive visitors per month and all are real and active. The firm sees itself as a visual search engine for consumers to use in the course of everything from buying a new home to wedding-planning. But to live up to its $11 billion estimations, Pinterest will have to show it can attract advertising dollars. This data shows the huge demand of business to "pins" and "repins" the images of any product and services.

As per the new round of funding at a rich valuation on product marketing, investors are doubling down on the image-bookmarking website because of its great impact on one's online business. Still the rise of image-bookmarking not able to falling down the value of Pinterest aids in terms of online marketing. Nowadays, Pinterest is one of the famous and worthy marketing trend which raise $500 million sales in a round of funding expected to the value of any old company at around $11 billion. These data are the personal observation and experience of great marketers those are familiar with this matter and advise the novice entrepreneur to startup their internet marketing with Pinterest "pins" and "repins".

There are many companies offering to the investor to buy pinterest likes cheap and genuine and give them a chance to use "Promoted Pins" and "promoted repins" to launch their newest services and products on the market. The survey revealed that in 2015 Pinterest likes and followers' services can cover up the 77% of marketing area of industry. But some marketers still believe that they can influence pinterest's audience and undertake their business goals just as efficiently by signing up influences, a prospective threat to the company's growth.

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