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"You've Got Meal": New Service Sends Healthy Meal Plan, Grocery List & Recipes Straight to Users' Inbox – Removing Guesswork from Eating

E.A.T. Meal Planning Co., takes the guesswork out of eating by telling members what to eat, where to buy it and how to prepare it – all quickly, easily and economically. With a focus on fresh gluten-free meals made from whole ingredients, E.A.T. Meal Planning Co. will help anyone save cash, cook smarter and ultimately get healthier. It’s simply delicious and deliciously simple!


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2015 -- Kate Matheson once joined millions of North Americans in that manic 6pm scramble to not only find food in her cupboards, but somehow magic it into a healthy meal. With guesswork that was driving her insane (and driving her health in a downward spiral), Matheson knew that there had to be a way to cook smarter and eat healthier. If only the solution would miraculously drop into her inbox…

Into the inbox it now drops, thanks to Matheson's launch of E.A.T. Meal Planning Co. – which helps singles, couples and families stop wondering what to eat, instead equipping them with all they need to eat well and feel great.

At Noon each Friday, members receive a detailed email that covers a week's dinners (all gluten-free, made from fresh, clean ingredients and often portioned to leave enough for tomorrow' lunch), including a full grocery list and preparation instructions. It really is as simple as connecting the dots, and loving the taste.

"Everyone is strapped for time, and eating healthily often hits the backburner. I know, I've been there!" explains Matheson. "I had always tried to plan my meals, but didn't ever have enough time to do it thoroughly, buy all I needed in a single trip to the grocery store and then somehow cobble it all together into something that looks and tastes great. I knew I had to change things and, combining it with my experience with a gluten-free diet, E.A.T. was born."

Continuing, "Plans start from as little as $5 a month and literally give readers all they need to whip up life-changing healthy meals in whatever little time they have. It's all about removing the trial, error and guesswork – guiding members through enjoying the art of cooking and all of the health benefits fresh, whole ingredients bring."

And the results speak, or rather crunch for themselves.

"Our members are spending less money on groceries, turning takeout from a dire necessity into a month treat, throwing less of their fridge contents away each week and – to bring it all back in line with our core mandate – not seeing their stress levels sky-rocket when deciding what to eat each night. Considering you can pay for a month's service with one less trip to Starbucks, it really is a no-brainer," she adds.

Reviews for the service have been overwhelmingly positive. For example, Holly from Ontario comments, "Our first week on the meal plan has been amazing! Looking in the fridge last night and seeing no wasted groceries I think is what has been the most exciting. Coming home from a long day of work and knowing you have a plan for dinner is great as well!"

Nicola adds, "I was recently diagnosed with Celiac's disease, which really put a wrench in my routine. I've never been a good cook and have often relied on take-out dinners. Suddenly, it was a pain to order at restaurants. E.A.T. has allowed me to take ownership of my kitchen – now I'm eating clean and tasty food my body needs, while learning good culinary techniques, and saving time and money. My boyfriend loves it, too. Thanks, EAT!"

With memberships currently available at a rock-bottom low price, those going grey over their nightly kitchen escapades (or lack of) are urged to check out the site today.

For more information, visit: http://www.eatmealplanningco.com

About Kate Matheson
So why did I start E.A.T.? My story is classic. I was 18 and just felt off. Not sick exactly, but lacking energy and feeling an overall sense of unhealthiness. My doctor couldn't find the source so I began the search myself. I began eliminating and experimenting with various foods. What I quickly realized is that I was in control over my body and health. After eliminating gluten, dairy and other traditional "inflammatory" foods I started to feel not only better, I felt amazing. I had more energy, better sleeps and that sense of health I had lost.

Over the past 10 years, I've maintained a gluten-free diet low in dairy and unprocessed foods but it hasn't always been easy. As life got busier, my diet was always the first thing to slip. A little take-out here and there and I was back to feeling that same sense of unhealthiness I felt a decade earlier. I decided I needed a guide to keep me on track; making it as easy as possible for me to eat healthy foods and feel my best. I wanted to share my plan and make it a little easier for everyone to eat and thrive.