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Mod Girl Marketing Shares 8 Quick Tips for Twitter Lead Generation

Mandy McEwen, founder of Mod Girl Marketing, discusses how to attract more Twitter followers who will convert to buyers, and how to use the latest social media tools for better social media monitoring.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2015 -- With an estimated 288 million active monthly users, Twitter is a beacon to marketers that can't be ignored. Not all of these users are prospects, of course, which poses a challenge for marketers who wish to find people who would be genuinely interested in their offerings, as well as people who are further along the purchase cycle and ready to buy. In last week's blog, Mandy McEwen, founder of social media firm Mod Girl Marketing, offers eight helpful tips for more effective Twitter lead generation.

"Twitter offers a lot of built-in functionality that can help marketers a great deal," explains Mandy, "but these features are not always evident. For instance, many marketers are still lagging behind the use of Twitter Cards, which are a really easy way to add a call-to-action to tweets."

In addition to the use of Twitter cards, Mandy discusses how to use social media tools to improve social media monitoring. A few of her favorites include, Topsy,, Sprout Social, Socedo, Twubs, Chat Salad, and Tweet Reports. She uses these websites to look up industry-related keywords for her clients, as well as monitor brand name mentions, find relevant chats to join in real-time, search for more qualified prospects, and create branded landing pages for big client hashtag campaigns.

"There are so many different apps and tools out there, it can be really confusing for marketers to know what is most intuitive to use, what has the best features, or how to use these tools to reach a specific goal," says Mandy McEwen. "I do a lot of consulting with business owners to tie the use of these tools into a larger social media strategy. A lot of times people just want to know what tasks are most important and how to accomplish them in the quickest, most efficient manner. A social media consultant is a great way to cut-to-the-chase and avoid countless hours spent reading articles, sifting through business sites, or doing trial-and-error."

In addition to consulting, McEwen's firm, Mod Girl Marketing, also runs full-service social media campaigns for clients. Her team of professional writers creates content and social media posts for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. Her social media experts work on strategizing, monitoring, engaging, responding, and converting. Her team of web designers brand the social media pages, create landing pages, and generate attractive images and videos to post.

The digital marketing firm's specialty industries include: Healthcare, real estate and home services, and tech startups. More information on marketing services for these industries and more details on Twitter lead generation can be found at

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