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Delecia Holt Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Publish What the Princess Discovered

Delecia Holt is the author of What the Princess Discovered, a book that explores the triumph of peace, love and happiness over tragedy. Now, the author has launched a Kickstarter Campaign in order to raise funds for publication of this book.


Universal City, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2015 -- Delecia Holt's new book, What the Princess Discovered, is the tragic yet warm and inspirational story of  Delecia's life journey.  In this book, readers will learn about her personal struggles to overcome great obstacles and to find the inner strength and courage to experience the love, peace, joy and success that were waiting for her.  By sharing her failures as well as her triumphs, Delecia Holt hopes that readers may find new courage to confront their own personal tragedies and emerge triumphantly to personal victory.

The story chronicles Holt's sudden arrest and incarceration in Level 4 maximum security prison, her health issues and her loss of family members.  It tells the story of her descent from an upstanding member of society to the facts of her legal battle being misrepresented to members of the press.  This story tells of Delecia's fight back to a normal life, as normal as it can get.  Her ultimately triumphing in the end, by simply being reunited with her loved ones.  In this book, Holt shares the truth about what happened to her and how she found the strength to meet her problems face-to-face and ultimately overcome them. Holt said that she believes that "...things happen in life, we may not always understand why, but that's life and if we embrace it with love and not hate...then we may find that in the end, life is worth living and there is joy to be had."  What the Princess Discovered is a true life story that is appropriate for all ages and offers insightful wisdom and hope for those facing tough circumstances in their life.

Now, Delecia Holt has launched a Kickstarter campaign at to self-publish this fascinating book.  Funds raised will be used to finish paying for professional publishing, editing, production costs and distribution.

For a $25 pledge, donors will receive a first-edition signed copy of What the Princess Discovered.  At the $50 level, donors receive a first-edition signed copy of the book plus a t-shirt.  Pledges of $75 earn a first-edition signed copy of the book plus an embossed tote bag, while pledges of $100 earn a first-edition signed copy of the book and an inscribed and embossed journal.  For more information on gifts at different pledge levels, see the Kickstarter page.

About Delecia Holt
Political activist Delecia Holt has shared the story of her fall and subsequent triumph in What the Princess Discovered, her fifteenth book, others can be found on and other book sellers.  Now, she has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to complete this book's publication.

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