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My Social Book - A New Website That Transforms the Facebook Profile Into a Book


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2015 -- 'My Social Book' as its name suggests is a book about everybody. It lets people page through the chapters of their online social life. The information that is displayed on a profile of a Facebook User's wall such as Statuses, Messages, links and images posted by others on the wall, Photo albums, tagged Photos, Profile picture, Photos posted on the wall, the uploaded videos with the description, and all the comments and "likes" associated are printed.

Here is what your social book will look like!

Only the information that is displayed on the wall is printed; private messages and posts generated by the apps are not printed. The book is printed in almost all languages. The publications will appear in a chronological order and one does not have to give his/her username or password to the account for ordering 'My Social Book'. Only a simple permission to access the data is requested. In no circumstances will 'My Social Book' take hold of user's account or post on user's wall without his/her permission. Orders remain undisclosed to the receiver and the sender receives occasional updates regarding order delivery. 'My Social Book' keeps the data as long as the order is processed and shipped beyond that they are not used for any commercial purposes.

In a nutshell 'My Social Book' might be a thoughtful way to remember a Facebook member who has died, as long as that account hasn't been "memorialized". The key features that could be customized in this book are date range of wall posts, hardcover or soft bound, filtering the comments to be used, profile picture to be chosen, color of the cover etc.

The users of 'My Social Book' such as Social Trends and Social Times have commented that "'My Social Book'' Turns Your Facebook Timeline into an Actual Book". Further Fubiz says "LIKEBOOK: Turn Facebook Timelines into Personalized, Keepsake Books" and FeedMyApp reviews it as "Likebook: Turn your Facebook updates, photos and memories into a real-life coffee table book"; Tech4Mommies "Likebook, Journal of the Digital Age".

Apart from all the goody-good things 'My Social Book' has to offer, there are certain flaws that one might find disturbing as many users have pointed out; such as

- A lot of duplicated photos.
- The two-column flow of text to next page
- There are also typo error and spelling mistakes apparently jutting in the face of the prints.

About My Social Book
'My Social Book' is the first company to offer Facebook users the option of placing their social network activity into a book. My Social Book has sold thousands of books worldwide and was the 2012 Rio Info winner. 'My Social Book' specializes in printing data from social networks.

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