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Vapor4Life, the Technology Leader in the Vaping Industry, Produces True Alternative to Tobacco Smoking


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2015 -- Vapor4Life, Inc. is the technology leader in the vaping industry. For over five years V4L has been successfully producing highly engineered products and innovative technology that serve as a tobacco alternative. Vapor4Life offers two flexible choices – the Vapor King and the Vapor Titan. The Vapor King is V4L's first and original electronic cigarette which was designed with a strong and well-established reputation in the market, while the Vapor Titan is the new and updated version with a rubber like 'smooth touch' finish claiming of better performance and longer battery life than the Vapor King. Both these versions are available in short, regular and XL lengths, with options of automatic or manual operation, with preference of jewel or ash tip. The choice is also available for 15 different colors, and to add to all these, amazingly all components are completely interchangeable. V4L now launched its new retail brand WOW VAPOR® in 2015. Each WOW VAPOR vaping product contains a free zero-nicotine option.

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The various positive aspects of Vapor4Life Electronic Cigarettes

- E-cigarettes don't produce smoke
- No unpleasant fumes
- Doesn't stain fingers and teeth.
- Long-lasting lithium ion batteries are used
- Unmatched design: Very low prices for kits
- Refills and accessories available
- allowed in no smoking zone


- Very fast shipping times
- Huge variety of flavors
- Good vapor thickness
- More than 150 flavors to choose from
- choices between no nicotine, 4mg, 8mg, 18mg, 24mg a much higher 36mg.
- 30 day money back guarantee
- 90 day limited warrantee

But according to some user reviews available the cons are:

- Cheaper materials usually signifies defective products at times or easily breakable products
- Customer service is poor
- Loud, noisy pulls
- The hit at the throat is poor with the non-tobacco flavors (which is most of them) in particular
- Vapor production is pretty poor on the Titan
- There are few manufacturing snitches with the Titan battery .
- USB charger included only on older starter kits
- Low quality cartridges

The underlying principle of Vapor4Life is that "if we have the absolute best merchandise on the market and back it up with exceptional customer service, people who are serious about vaping will join us on this incredible journey".

Even with mixed responses from the customers and users of Vapor4Life it's an ultimate chance to get away and enjoy without guilt. If poor service and potential cheap equipment is not a problem then go for Vapor4Life.

Vapor4Life has been a "labor of love" of founder Smilin' Steve who founded this e- cig company in 2008. According to him "if my e-cigs make me smile, they will make you smile, too". The company Vapor4Life was introduced for switching from tobacco to vaping which in turn can helps to live cleaner and save money.

About The Electronic Cigarette
In the 1960s the concept of the electronic cigarette originated, but became a reality about few years ago. Most of the first e cigarettes developed were of use and throw disposable models. These were mostly created in 2003 in China under the categorization of smoking cessation products. The devices created vaping history as the first commercially e cigarettes available. Since then it has culminated into a $1.7 billion (and growing) industry with a staggering 2.5 million users alone in the U.S. As time passed, in few years, it started to penetrate the market and now both the variants disposable and rechargeable electronic cigarette models are readily available.

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