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Park Avenue Floratique Opens New Showroom to Showcase Hottest Bouquets for 2015

Whether for celebration or commemoration, romance, family or friendship, Park Avenue Floratique’s new showroom has a collection that will epitomize all sentiments in beautiful buds.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2015 -- Flowers are inherently transient, blooming for a short time only and for many, only at specific times of year. This transience is a form of rarity, and gives them value, like the relative scarcity of gold increases its value. Like gold, flowers can be used to stunning artistic effect, especially when combined in unusual and unique ways. Park Avenue Floratique is one of New York's best known florists, and has just opened a new showroom to demonstrate some of the best and freshest new bouquets for the 2015 seasons.

Their current focus fits with the season and is squarely on Valentine's Day bouquets and baskets that have all the essential elements one would expect like deluxe red roses that are accented with extravagant arrangements of delicate spring buds like cherry blossom.

However, there are also displays of wedding bouquets, orchids, bereavement arrangements, green plants and weekly arrangements that showcase the unbridled creativity and composition of Floratique's expert florists. All these and more can be viewed at the new showroom, designed to inspire and delight.

A spokesperson for Park Avenue Floratique explained, "Floratique is delighted to have a new showroom in which to present our work. The new showroom is a place that provides an ideal and elegant blank canvas, in which the arrangements can unabashedly steal the show. We do our best to present our works with harmony and balance within the space just as we create harmony and balance within the individual compositions. As such, touring the showroom will take people on a sensory journey that encapsulates all of life's most important moments, making it an inspirational sensory experience rather than a simple catalog. The new showroom is only possible because of our success in 2014 and that success is because of our great suppliers, marketing team including, staff and of course our fantastic customers. With the new showroom 2015 will be the best year yet for us and our customers."

About Park Avenue Floratique
Park Avenue Floratique has been in business for over 20 years with the freshest flowers and hottest bouquets in all of New York. Skilled in the latest forms of contemporary floral design, their award winning team of floral designers can create a dramatic floral creation that will delight the mind and touch the soul. They import the finest flowers from Holland, Central America, Hawaii and other domestic origins to ensure the diversity and uniqueness of their pieces.

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