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A Healthier 2015 Initiative Announced by Regen Doctor, Regenerative Medicine Will Be the Way Forward


Camarillo, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2015 -- A dramatic alliance of universities, companies, and financial institutions backing or conducting research and development in the regenerative medicine field suggests there is great potential for regenerative therapies to finally go "mainstream" as treatments in 2015.

The next year may in fact turn out to be the breakthrough treatment's most progressive years.

A variety of advocacy groups, including the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine or ARM, have started working with regulatory agencies, legislators, and investment firms (including the Maxim Group) in order to promote availability and advance development of stem cell therapy techniques, according to the Life Sciences Report.

Ultimately cell therapy "lowers the cost of treating disease," which is particularly crucial when "there is an outcry over higher-priced therapies," says Maxim Group senior biotech analyst and healthcare research head Jason Kolbert. Seen from a political point of view, the therapies are "typically not controversial" -- they use adult stem cells, rather than cells taken from embryos -- and so "we don't see any controversy." The major change across the medical landscape is "the acceptance" of cell therapy's safety.

Regenerative medical techniques are a class of procedures which are being hailed as breakthroughs in treating many different kinds of conditions, using the healing power of stem cells taken from patients' bodies. These cells contain signaling factors and growth factors that can greatly aid the regeneration of tissue which is damaged or injured.

Generally the procedures involve extracting the stem cells from areas where they naturally reside inside the body, and then injecting the cells into problem areas. The cells then naturally promote the body's healing process, and produce often seemingly miraculous recoveries.

In particular stem cells are often harvested from areas of fat or bone marrow, and then isolated or concentrated before the doctors re-inject them directly into areas where tissues are degenerating or damaged. Application of these therapies is most common in the treatment of osteoarthritis (of almost any joint) as well as sports and overuse injuries.

Thanks to maturity and very widespread movement across the field of stem cell therapy, industry observers say it is showing great promise. Continuing support from the medical establishment means that for millions of patients who are suffering chronic musculoskeletal pain, 2015 is a potentially much healthier year -- and the same can be said for many years to follow.

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It's their experience that stem cells and PRP can treat many different problems, which in turn eliminates the risks of surgery or the side effects of steroids.

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