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Announcing the Launch of StringPluck, Best Web Resource for Beginning Guitar Players

New site is stocked full of helpful and interesting content, from a comprehensive guitar buying guide to a great collection of tips and tricks, StringPluck reports


Bubenreuth, Bavaria -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2015 -- The operators of, a new website serving beginning guitar players, announced that the site is now available to visitors. Designed to help novice guitar players with everything from instrument selection to finding effective, accessible lessons and instruction, StringPluck is already packed with high-quality content and will be updated regularly as time goes on. By specifically targeting the issues most commonly faced by beginners, StringPluck will provide a more focused and helpful experience than other, existing sites.

"We're happy to announce that StringPluck is now online and serving beginning guitar players," StringPluck founder Oliver Meyer said, "We're proud of what we have put together and plan to add much more in the coming weeks. Go visit to get started learning how to play guitar and see how fun and easy it can be!"

Of all the musical instruments that amateur musicians can devote themselves to, the guitar in its various forms is the most consistently popular. In the United States alone, sales of guitars amount to around $1 billion annually, with periods of consistent, double-digit growth being far from exceptional.

Those who pick up the guitar report a wide range of reasons for doing so. Whether in acoustic or electric form, for example, the guitar is an especially versatile instrument, serving just as well to accompany a singer with strummed backup as to knock out attention-grabbing, single-note solos. Widely referenced studies in the journals Psychology of Music and Letters on Evolutionary Behavior even found that guitar players might be more likely than others to succeed with their romantic ambitions.

Despite the instrument's many strengths and attractions, though, getting started with it has not always been easy. StringPluck was founded specifically to smooth the way for beginners, offering up a concentrated, focused collection of articles that will be of the greatest possible benefit to novices. Toward that end, Stringpluck provides helpful tips for beginner guitar players, guides that detail how best to select a first instrument, reviews of online lesson providers, and much more.

Everything that the new site offers is available for free and without registration or other hurdles. The centerpiece of the new site is an in-depth guide that tackles all of the most common topics in a comprehensive way, giving beginning guitar players the direction and advice that they so often otherwise search for in vain. With this background in hand, beginning guitar players will benefit even more from the new site's detailed, unbiased reviews covering top online guitar instruction services.

A selection of practical, helpful guitar tips rounds things out, supplying important information that most guitar players are forced to learn through hard experience. With a deep and valuable selection of high quality content already online, StringPluck will have even more to offer to beginning guitar players in the coming weeks and months.

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