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The House of Hans Boodt to Be Given Official Recognition for Charismatic Mannequins


Dublin, Ireland -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2015 -- The latest reports from the fashion industry have indicated a steady rise in the demand for quality mannequins. It has been noted that most of the high end brand stores no longer display their clothes and outer wear on boring mannequins. There has been a trend where clothes are displayed on never before seen mannequins.

The house of hans boodt, a leading mannequin manufacturer has recently revealed that each of their mannequins are manufactured to stand out in a crowd. This ensures that when displayed at the retail stores, it will be the first that catches the eye of the potential customers as they walk into a huge shopping mall or take a walk down the street lined with boutiques and brand stores.

Presently, it is rumored that the house of hans boodt will be given official recognition for the high quality display mannequins and the unique charisma that it offers each of its models. The company displayed its new collection 2015 back in October 9. As per the market response, the collection still continues to make a splash and garner positive feedback from the customers. the collection 'changing faces' showed the ultimate creativity that the company is capable of, a winning streak that has kept the company at the top of the game.

It has been recounted that the house of hans boodt has remained number 1 for its expertise in the industry and its highly valued experience in the retail, dirty whole visal and merchandising. The company's mannequin pieces are especially valued for its correspondence to the latest trends when it comes to conceptual thinking.

Creative imagination has lead to some of the most out of the box mannequin pieces that have turned out to be some of the company's best sellers ever since the year the company joined the industry.

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About Hansboodt
The Hans boodt is a leading company that is passionate about everything to do with mannequins. 80 % of the company's productions are tailored for retail customers, offering its young, flexible and professional experience in the retail sector.

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