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Detailed new analysis of Phen 375 is the most in-depth and objective anywhere, will be of great interest to all who would like to lose weight without exercising, reports


Newport News, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2015 -- For many people, losing weight without needing to exercise seems like the Holy Grail of health, and leading fitness website says that the quest may finally be coming to an end. In a just-published new report that is the most comprehensive and objective to be found anywhere,'s editors look into the popular supplement Phen 375, laying out in helpful, useful terms everything that is known about the product. Everyone who struggles with losing or maintaining weight and with keeping up with exercise, then, will want to see what the new report has to say.

"With busy, overbooked lives that already consume all of their time and energy," representative Sherry Hewlitt said, "many people have difficulty scheduling and engaging in exercise as they struggle to meet their weight goals. While exercise is an important part of staying fit, it is not always practical or convenient, so our new report on a supplement that promises to help even the most sedentary of users lose weight is going to be of great interest to many."

According to the National Weight Control Registry, a voluntary, self-selected study group of over 10,000 participants that began in 1994, nearly 90% of those who lose weight and keep it off for a year or more make use of both exercise and dietary adjustments to do so. For many people, however, the need to exercise can be barrier to getting started with weight loss, both because of already busy lives and the difficulties that physical exertion can present to those who are not in the best of shape to begin with.

For decades and even longer, then, many of those who wish to lose weight have looked for avenues for doing so that, at least in the short term, do not involve much or anything in the way of exercise. In fact, there have been a number of promising developments of this kind over the course of the last half century, although many of these have turned out to come with substantial side effects.'s new report delves into one of the most promising-seeming and frequently talked about new possibilities of this sort. Based on the well-studied pharmaceutical appetite suppressant phentermine, Phen 375 has attracted a steady stream of attention among those looking for a diet pill to lose without without exercising.

Although the Internet is rife with anecdotal reports from users who have tried the supplement, comprehensive, systematic takes on it have previously been scarce.'s new analysis of Phen 375 will therefore prove to be extremely valuable reading to all who find the product interesting, as well as those who are convinced that it could be worth trying and would like to learn how best to acquire it. The new report is available for free to visitors to the website.

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