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BioNova Natural Pools Will Hold Day-Long Seminar March 14 at LAX Marriott

Suitable for everyone from homeowners to swimming pool contractors, seminar is best way to learn about history, functioning, and advantages of natural, chemical-free swimming pools, BioNova reports


Chester, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2015 -- Leading natural swimming pool company BioNova® Natural Pools will hold a seminar at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott on March 14, company representatives announced. Aimed at everyone from landscape architects and pool contractors to homeowners and students, the event will provide an in-depth introduction to natural swimming pools. The seminar will include a look at the history of these chemical-free, environmentally friendly, plant-equipped pools, as well as a number of specific, practical topics, including construction fundamentals and maintenance requirements. Presented by BioNova Head of Marketing and Technical Support Alan Weene, the upcoming March 14 seminar will be the latest in a series of highly successful and well-reviewed events of this kind that the company has conducted.

"More people than ever are discovering the natural, healthful alternative to traditional, chemical-laden swimming pools," BioNova Natural Pools representative James Robyn said, "We are proud to be North America's leading biopools company, and the record shows that there is no better way of learning about this wonderful option than by attending an event like our upcoming seminar at the LAX Marriott."

Most swimming pools in use today make use of chlorine and other chemicals to prevent the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms that could be harmful to those who swim in them. While this can be an effective way of achieving this goal, it comes with a heavy price in terms of environmental footprint and the potential health consequences of the chemicals.

Looking for a more satisfying and well-rounded answer, Austrian pool designers began, toward the beginning of the 1980s, building swimming pools that instead made use of the natural filtration afforded by plants. By the end of the decade, the idea had spread to Germany, and the first public natural swimming pool was built there just before the turn of the millennium.

Throughout the spread and evolution of this style of swimming pool, BioNova has been the leading name in the industry. The company's North American branch partners with dealers, designers, contractors and others to promote and enable the construction of bio pools, with hundreds of successful projects already showing off the advantages of the approach.

In addition to being far more natural and healthful, bio pools are also extremely adaptable. Designs ranging from conservative, traditional, rectangular pools to naturalistic ones that blend seamlessly with surroundings are possible, all of them making use of the natural filtration that properly selected plants can provide. Existing, chemical-based swimming pools can often even be converted to natural pools of this kind, making the option even more widely accessible.

BioNova's upcoming March 14 seminar at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott at 5855 West Century Blvd. will be held from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Attendees will find the seminar a valuable and interesting introduction to the subject of natural swimming pools, whatever their particular backgrounds. A limited number of spaces for the seminar are still available, and further information about it, as well as an online registration system, can be found at the BioNova Natural Pools website.

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