Accident Advice Helpline Design Infographic Based on Dangerous Driving


Watford, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2015 -- The UK's leading accident advice service has today announced the publication of a dangerous driving infographic. They have done that in an attempt to educate people about the risks they face while applying a lack of concentration on the roads. It is packed full of interesting and sometimes frightening statistics that everyone should read. Like it or not, people who fail to follow the law and use their better judgement have an increased chance of being involved in an incident.

About The Accident Advice Helpline
Accident Advice Helpline was established in 2000. Since then it has grown into one of the most informative and useful services on the market today. High-quality customer service has helped this company to make a name for itself. No matter what type of accident you might have experienced, the service is designed to provide you with the best information in the fastest time possible. When making a claim, there is no time to waste.

Some of the most shocking dangerous driving statistics are listed below. You'll still want to take a look at the infographic, but this information should give you an idea of what is in store.

- 21,657 people received serious injuries on the road during 2013.
- In the same time, 1713 people were involved in fatal accidents.
- Throughout 2012, no less than 230 people died at the hands of drunk drivers.
- 109 cyclists lost their lives due to dangerous driving.
- 6% of motorcyclists tested were over the legal alcohol limit.

The infographic also goes on to explain some of the most dangerous driving habits people can pick up during their time on the road. How many of these are you guilty of?

- Tailgating.
- Not indicating.
- Driving slowly in the middle or outside lane of a motorway.
- Dangerous overtaking manoeuvres.
- ping red lights.

Most people understand that taking too many risks on the road will inevitably work against their best interests. However, a significant amount of drivers perform at least one of the listed actions on a regular basis. So, reading that information should help to draw your attention towards the mistakes you make.

At the end of the day, services like those offered by the Accident Advice Helpline are crucial for people who have been involved in a crash. Without the information and help on offer, thousands of victims would fail to get the compensation and justice they deserve. If you ever find yourself in a sticky situation, at least you now know where to turn.

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