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Quit and Be Fit: After God Helped Her Quit a 28-Year Smoking Habit, U.S. Author Releases 5-Step Blueprint to a Smoke-Free Life

Eleven years after God helped her quit, Gloria Long is grateful for her immensely healthy new lifestyle. It all goes to show that giving up life’s dangerous addictions can be done and, in ‘Quit and Be Fit: 5 Steps to a Smoke-Free Life’, Bass fuses her life story and the wisdom in the hopes that millions will follow in her footsteps.


Trenton, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2015 -- In her twenty-eighth year of smoking, thinner than ever and aware that a bad report from the Doctor could be just around the corner, Gloria Bass put her hands together and prayed for God to help her quit. What she thought was a tall-order soon became a reality, and Bass has now been living a smoke-free lifestyle for over a decade.

But giving up the cigarettes wasn't the only gift God gave, he also blessed her with a healthy and positively life-changing new addiction – running.

With a miraculous story to tell, Bass has compiled her experiences into 'Quit and Be Fit: 5 Steps to a Smoke-Free Life'. This uplifting and inspiring book shares Bass' story, as well as exposing a proven blueprint anyone can use to throw away their cigarettes for good.

"I used to get up, light a cigarette and start my day's chain smoking. Now I get up, go for a run and pursue a healthy lifestyle I could never have dreamed of," explains Bass. "I'm healthy, the perfect weight and continuing to reverse the health detriments smoking had given me."

Continuing, "My book fuses practical advice with faith to show how giving up smoking is within anyone's reach. Many of my friends have made that dreaded call to me, telling me that the Doctor has found something on their lungs that requires investigation. Equally, I see these people look ten to fifteen years older than they actually are; wasting away just because of a little stick they hold in their hands. God gave me the gift of giving up and, by purchasing my book and reading my story, he can do the same for you."

The book takes a bold exploration of the framework of addictions, empowering readers to replace unhealthy habits with good ones, just as the author did with running.

With the book's popularity set to rapidly increase, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

'Quit and Be Fit: 5 Steps to a Smoke-Free Life' is available now, from PayHip:

About Gloria Long
The author lives in Michigan