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Fingerprint Sensors Market Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2014-2020 by Future Market Insights

Fingerprint Sensors Market - Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2014 - 2020


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2015 -- Fingerprint sensor is a device used to scan and capture an image (digital) of fingerprint pattern. This captured digital image is known as live scan. Live scan is processed digitally to create collection of extracted features (biometric template) used for matching purpose. Fingerprint verification systems consist of different modules including fingerprint sensing element, preprocessing and feature extraction module and matching module among others. The growing market of small-size and low-cost acquisition devices are allowing the implementation of fingerprint sensor in a wide range of applications such as physical access, electronic commerce and PC log in among others.

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Different types of fingerprint sensors include optical sensors, ultrasonic sensors and capacitive sensors. Optical fingerprint sensor is an essential component of a digital camera. Optical fingerprint sensor captures image of the fingerprint with help of visible light. The top layer of sensor is called as the touch surface used for placement of finger. Light-emitting phosphor layer is present below touch surface which illuminates surface of the finger. Ultrasonic sensors use principle of medical ultrasonography to create images of the fingerprint. These sensors employ high frequency sound waves to penetrate epidermal layer of skin of finger. Capacitance sensors employ principles related with capacitance to create fingerprint images. There are two type capacitive sensors available such as passive capacitance sensor and active capacitance sensors. Semiconductor fingerprint recognition sensor captures fingerprint images by reading changes in electric charge according to the pressure. The sensor screen is basically a thin film. They can also use an electromagnetic field or thermal impact of the finger on the sensor. They may use ultrasonic waves to convert signals into digital images. LE fingerprint sensor uses chemical materials for creation of fingerprint images. These materials emit light when a finger is placed on its surface.

Government organizations and businesses enterprises are progressively implementing biometric security technologies to address safety concerns. Security is becoming major concern for the entire global community due to the rising terrorist attacks and security breaches worldwide. Availability of biometric equipments and devices such as fingerprint recognition equipments at reduced cost has increased the usage of biometrics systems in number of offices and educational institutions. This is in turn creating demand for fingerprint sensors. Currently fingerprint sensors experiencing tremendous demand in mobile device such as smartphones and tablets. Demand for safe online transactions due rising e-commerce and rising security issues for devices such as mobile phones, personal computers and laptops are further supporting the growth of fingerprint sensors market. However, fingerprint sensor has few drawbacks such as injuries in fingers can result in lack of proper recognition by fingerprint based recognition system permanently or temporarily. Small area sensors incorporated in portable devices result in less information extractions from fingerprint scanning.

Fingerprint scan technology is an extensively implemented biometric technology with a number of players offering a broad range of solutions. Some of the key participants in this market are Cyber-SIGN, Veridicom, EyeTicket, IrScan, Identix, Communication Intelligence Corporation (CIC), International Digital Holding (TrueTouch), Technologies, Litronic, Interlink Electronics, Motorola, VeriSign, Visionics Corporation and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company among others.

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