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Cam Wellness Institute Launches Irritable Bowel Syndrome Awareness Campaign

Utilizing proven holistic methods the Institute is encouraging patients to become more empowered and take charge of their own health with the assistance of their new 30-day program.


New Canaan, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2015 -- It is estimated that as many as 45 million people currently suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) in the United States. For many of these people, the condition has become so severe they are unable to live their lives comfortably. Many people must quit their jobs, miss out on family functions and suffer constant discomfort. However, the Cam Wellness Institute wants them to know it does not need to be that way. For this reason, the institute has launched a campaign to draw attention to their all-natural 30-day Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment Program.

The members of the institute, along with their director Dr. Gary Gruber, are anxious to educate as many people as possible about the healing benefits of this program. Dr. Gruber explained why they are so enthusiastic about this plan and what patients can expect when they participate. "We believe that real healing only comes when people are able to regulate their bodies appropriately. This is why our program stresses the importance of probiotics, an organic diet and fiber to help regulate the bowels and provide relief for constipation and diarrhea."

The Doctor and his staff cover the symptoms, causes and treatments of IBS on their website. This site, found at has video tutorials to explain the condition, offers dietary suggestions and discusses probiotic and supplement use. "We knew the site had to be very detailed because the symptoms and the severity of the issue can vary greatly from one patient to the next." Dr. Gruber explained. "We want those who come to us to realize the problem is not going to go away on its own and that treating the symptoms the way many doctors suggest is not the same thing as a cure. But they should not give up hope, because a cure is possible."

"The added benefit of our IBS treatment plan is that it can be used by anyone." Dr. Gruber stated. "Since only a very small amount of the sufferers of IBS actually get a correct diagnosis, there are many who are out there in pain, not knowing where to go next. This plan can heal a variety of digestive disorders and the healthy diet we recommend is good for everyone, even if they do not have any health problems."

The website is offering a 30-day holistic treatment plan that has been created by Dr. Gruber. The company states that this plan will remove toxins and allergens from the body, strengthen the immune system and eliminate the gassy, painful bloating people often experience with IBS. Dr. Gruber encourages all readers to contact him directly with any questions or concerns they may have. He can be reached through email, by phone or through the Cam Wellness Institute social media pages.

About Cam Wellness Institute
CAM Wellness Institute was founded by Dr. Gary Gruber a licensed Naturopathic Physician and a professor of Environmental Medicine at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine. His goal with the Institute has been to help people take control of their own health. His educational programs are helping countless numbers of people to discover the causes and natural treatments for many chronic gastrointestinal diseases and conditions, including Irritable Bowel Syndrome.