A Group of Youngsters Come Together to Empower the Homeless with a Campaign Called VidaMark

When a college student empathised with the homeless and decided to come up with an ingenious idea to empower them, 5 others joined the cause and VidaMark came into being.


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2015 -- Essentially, VidaMark is an advertising network that has been started on humanitarian grounds in order to help homeless men, women and veterans to stand on their own feet and make a living. VidaMark hires these homeless and they help in their own unique way of advertising and creating social media campaigns for the sponsors of the company.

All the homeless employees of VidaMark have to do is wear a scanable t-shirt which upon being scanned get access to the exclusive VidaMark coupon by the sponsor that has been selected for that particular month. The fact that the T-shirt has a logo and other details of the sponsor provides a good amount of advertising and all the employee has to do is walk in it in order to have the word spread across.

In addition to the brilliant idea of having the scanable t-shirt advertisement worn by the employee, VidaMark also intends to launch an excellent program called, 'Shelter Helper'. This program gives an opportunity to homeless shelters to partner up with VidaMark. The procedure followed by this program is also quite lucid and empowering to those who wish to build their lives from the ground up. The homeless shelters must register with VidaMark by filling out a partnership form, which will then be examined by the authorities just to ensure that it is in fact, a legitimate organization. Once the shelter has been signed up, the procedure for getting the advertising done remains the same as stated above. Therefore, the money generated by this kind of advertising will invariably help pay for the medication, food, clothing and other basic requirements of the members belonging to the homeless shelter.

In order to turn this idea into a reality and to help VidaMark empower the less fortunate, the founders of this groundbreaking company need help in the form of sponsors and funds and have therefore, resorted to crowdfunding methods and are working towards generating a crowdfunding campaign which is scheduled to go live on March 9th 2015.

About VidaMark
VidaMark is the brainchild of a college student who believed he could bring about a change in the way the homeless live and empower them. While most laughed off the issue, a chosen few who felt the same way got together and therefore, VidaMark came into existence which now has 6 proud college students aged 21-22 years to back and support it. The campaign will be conducted on http://indiegogo.com and one can play a role in contributing to this innovative and empowering idea by visiting the link: http://igg.me/at/vidamark

The makers of VidaMark can be reached on their official Facebook and Twitter pages, which can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/vidamark.biz


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