Award-Winning Director Daniel Springen Utilizes Indiegogo Campaign to Support His Upcoming Sci-Fi Thriller, Survival's End

Starring actor Austin St. John, Survival's End is a grim story based on the recent outbreak of the uncontrollable Ebola virus. Writer, director, and producer Daniel Springen is looking to raise $275,000 via Indiegogo to meet all his expenses for this upcoming sci-fi thriller.


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2015 -- Daniel Springen's upcoming sci-fi thriller Survival's End presents the recent outbreak of Ebola virus from a completely different perspective. The worst epidemic of recent times, Ebola outbreak has been the theme of many movies where the containment and vaccination protocols have been explored. However, Daniel Springen's film Survival's End will relate the prophecy of the doomsday virus to the present time.

The film Survival's End will take the audience to the time of the recent Ebola scare that affected almost the entire Central Africa. The film will not only make the audience speechless with the possibility of invasion of the United States of Paranoia by Ebola, but also awaken their need for personal preservation.

After futile efforts for containment, the world leaders decide that the eradication of the infected is the only acceptable solution. By the way of global genocide, the governments from all parts of the world start geo-¬political cleansing operation.

The film stars actor Austin St. John, most famous for his role as the Original Red Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger, Jason Lee Scott. In Survival's End, St. John plays the role of an ex-military specialist that leads a group of uninfected individuals moving from town to town. Their objective is to stay protected from the government cleansing squads and to create a civilized exit strategy for the affected.

Survival's End started this Indiegogo campaign to raise $275,000 to cover the production costs. Indiegogo funding, however, will cover approximately 30% of the total production costs. A substantial 70% of the total production cost will be absorbed by Valencia College Film Program in Orlando through cameras, grip, electric, sound, post-production, and highly-trained filmmakers. The Indiegogo campaign will close on March 25, 2015.

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