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Gibraltar -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/09/2015 -- There are many business opportunities which claim to be extremely beneficial. However, there are very few opportunities that allow individuals to own a business businesses that too with some amazing perks. With Juubeo's COOP, individuals can have their own co-operative and they can be a member on the virtual board as well. Juubeo offers uniquely great products and the first of their kind. These products are backed by strong strategies which allow the members to build their businesses on their own that too with products which are extremely easy to sell. It is a unique COOP concept where members can build their own co-operative while they refer new members to the system. And as they buy the products and services, they can earn excellent sales bonus. Some of the most interesting advantages of being a COOP member are COOP bonus plan, up-line winner bonus, COOP pool dividends, badges awards and rewards.

Juubeo's online strategy auction allows its members to bid on a wide range of products right from automobiles to holiday packages, iPhones to any luxury item. When a person wins the specific auction, he or she is entitled for a huge discount. They can buy the product at just a fraction of the actual retail price. The auction strategy is based on the "Unique Bid" concept wherein the bidder with the highest bid would win the auction. The advantages of this revolutionary bidding concept are: all the products are sold at very low prices; first and the last bid would have an equal chance to win; no robots involved; and last but not the least it is a100% fair system. Mr. Ted Eric Hansen the latest winner from a recent car auction was a successful bidder and had purchased a 2015 Ford for just 197.60 Euros as against the actual retail price of 23,0000 Euros. Juubeo facilitated more than 60 strategic auctions so far for its members that too within 4 months and successfully managed to bring out as many auction winners.

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Juubeo Limited, http://juubeo.com/ based at Gibraltar is a co-operative owned company that is managed by the members themselves. The company that operates worldwide, offers an online strategy auction, badge reward systems, Up-line winner bonuses and virtual boardroom.

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