Nazrul Brick Lane

Nazrul Brick Lane Offering Famous Indian Curries

Nazrul Brick Lane was established in the year 1979 and since then has served many Indian sub-continent curries to their customers. The sub-continent cuisine restaurant is offering mouthwatering Indian Curries to all their customers.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/07/2015 -- Nazrul Brick Lane is one of the leading East London location restaurant that serves some of the most brilliant sub-continent curries in London. The restaurant has been termed Curry Mile due to their wide range of curries. The restaurant opened way back1979 and since then has put in all efforts to bring to their customers the culinary delights of Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi cuisines. The Indian restaurant is offering some of the finest Indian curries.

A manager with Nazrul quoted, "For the members of our restaurant, cooking is a form of art, which is dedicated towards offering their customers with authentic curry dishes of the sub-continent (India, Bangladesh and Pakistan). At Brick Lane, we are renowned for serving the best Indian curries like chicken or lamb tikka curry, vegetable curry, chicken or lamb naga, king prawn curries, Balti fish curry and much more to look out for. Cuisines made by our chefs are full of flavours and believe in using the freshest ingredients. The aim of our chefs is to reach to the hearts of our customers."

Indian curries are more than 5,000 years old. Basically curry is a gravy dish or a stew like dish with spices, added seasonings and flavoured with hot and sour tastes. Authentic Indian curry is one of the world's fastest growing ethnic food trends, which are combined with flavours, textures and pungency that seem unique to all every time. Each region of India has its own distinctive style of seasoning while preparing a curry. A common factor in all the regional styles of curry cooking is marination and slow cooking, which ensures the flavour and colour of herbs and spices to meat, fish, poultry, and vegetables.

The representative further added, "Our restaurant has been described by many as the most sophisticated and designed for intimate dinner dates as well. Indian subcontinent dishes are quite famous in Brick Lane, especially curries. Curry is a very popular spicy dish among Indians. The dish uses a combination of herbs and spices along with different vegetables in its preparation. The spicy food here is served with rice or chapati."

Nazrul Brick Lane is seen as one of the best curry restaurants in London, UK. The restaurant is close to all the famous bars and clubs of the area as well as being close to the historic sites of the area explored by the tourists. The chefs here consider cooking as an art form and they are completely dedicated to their task of serving quality food. People looking for famous restaurants in London, UK ( that serve Indian cuisines can visit the restaurant.

About Nazrul Brick Lane
Nazrul Brick Lane, an Indian Restaurant, offers its customers wide range in Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi curries. The restaurant established in the year 1979, which in its initial phase served the local communities that consisted of Bangladeshi origin only. But soon the clientele of the restaurant expanded due to which Nazrul is seen as one of the top Indian restaurants in East London.

Contact Information:
Nazrul Brick Lane
Address: 132 Brick Lane,
Phone: 02072472505