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Analysis of Australian and New Zealand Medical Devices, Technology, Supplies of 100 Companies, New Report Launched

The newly launched report identifies 100 Australia/NZ leading medical devices/technology/supplies companies and covers various aspects of these 100 companies including news, financial/non-financial information and stock market analysis.


Lewes, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/09/2015 -- Medical technology aims to improve the quality of healthcare provided. Recent advances in this industry globally are focusing on cost reduction, less-invasive treatment options, and reduction in hospital stays and rehabilitation process.

The Australian medical technology industry includes a diversity of manufacturers and suppliers of medical technology, from emerging Australian companies to subsidiaries of global companies. The Australian medical device market has performed well in recent years, driven by a strongly-growing economy and the requirements of an increasingly elderly population. At USD4,903.9mn, the market ranks amongst the top 20 largest in the world. Australia's medical device industry can list among its distinct competitive advantages its reduced time to market compared with drug discovery, its comparatively highly-skilled workforce and its geographic position within the Asia Pacific region.

The New Zealand medical device market is also expected to expand at a steady 3.7 % in the medium term by 2018, supplied mainly by imports, which continue to make up nearly all of the market. This will take the market to USD1,008.0mn by 2018, equal to USD213 per capita. The orthopaedics & prosthetics market is expected to be the best sector for growth, driven by the rising availability of new technologies and an ageing population.

With this special industry report, our endeavor is to provide the new investors globally with a complete resourceful research report for familiarizing with the present investment trends of the Australia/NZ companies in the medical industry, which they would find beneficial to pursue for making business decisions in this sector.


- Leading 100 medical devices/technology/supplies companies of Australia/NZ

- Integration of company news and industry news, as well as rankings and stock market performances

- Important M&A and alliances with foreign companies

- International presence of Australia/NZ medical devices/technology/supplies companies

- R&D activities by Australia/NZ medical devices/technology/supplies companies

Report Includes Companies Engaged in -

- Manufacturing medical equipments providing any medical activity and/or treatment

- Manufacturing diagnostic equipments

- Manufacturing high-tech medical instruments

- Manufacturing life-support medical equipments

- Manufacturing research instruments and scientific analytical equipment

- Providing software for improving treatments

- Providing medical information technology

- Manufacturing medical bio-tech products

- Providing value-based healthcare services

- Manufacturing molecular diagnostic instruments

- Manufacturing pacemakers, imaging instruments, dialysis machines and implants, hip and knee replacement medical devices, heart stents, thermal cyclers and mass spectrometers, microarrays and other similar products

- Manufacturing and/or selling basic medical and surgical materials (consumables), low-tech items and items used in medical equipment processor or for treating patients

- Diagnostic equipment supplies

- Medical supplies invasive and medical supplies non invasive

- Manufacturing/supplying replaceable lenses for equipments

- Manufacturing/supplying any item which needs to be replaced as a function of repeated medical activity or where need for treatments is constant

- Manufacturing/supplying surgical and dental instruments, elective laser surgery equipments, orthopedic products, and other such products.

Key Features:

- Financial information compiled from reliable primary and secondary sources

- Business news and transactions compiled from primary news sources, company websites, and press releases

- Original news source links provided for each news for further reference

- Senior colleagues who analyze news have years of experience

Spanning over 50 pages, "Australia/New Zealand Medical Devices/Technology/Supplies 100" report covers the Rankings of Australia/NZ Medical Devices/Technology/Supplies Companies, Stock Market Performance over 5 Years: Leading 25 Australia/NZ Medical Devices/Technology/Supplies Companies, Key News of Australia/NZ Medical Devices/Technology/Supplies Companies for Year 2014, Important Alliances with Foreign Medical Devices/Technology/Supplies Companies, International Presence of Australia/NZ Medical Devices/Technology/Supplies Companies, Research and Development Activities by Australia/NZ Medical Devices/Technology/Supplies Companies, Mergers and Acquisitions among Australia/NZ Medical Devices/Technology/Supplies Companies.

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