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3D Printing in Medical Markets 2015: An Opportunity Analysis and Ten-Year Forecast, New Report Launched

Market Research Reports, Inc. has announced the addition of “3D Printing in Medical Markets 2015: An Opportunity Analysis and Ten-Year Forecast” research report to their website


Lewes, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/09/2015 -- In this report Publisher identifies the main opportunities for 3D printing in the medical environments. It identifies where money is being made through the current use of 3D printers in this area and shows where the revenue streams will be found in the future. It also identifies current technical weaknesses in 3D printing and where 3D printers, software and services must adapt to become a commercial success. As the table of contents below shows this report provides coverage of all the current medical applications for 3D printing, along with granular ten-year forecasts of 3D printing in the medical sector in both volume and revenue terms.

3D printing will enhance the effectiveness of medical practice, creating many new revenue opportunities over the next decade. Publisher believes that 3D printing technology showed its power to create paradigm shifts in a medical field when 3D-printed hearing aid shells first hit the market. And we think that many more such paradigm shifts are on their way thanks to the power of what Publisher refers to as "3D printing-enabled medical technologies," which include 3D printing, medical imaging, and three-dimensional modeling. The outlook for medical use of 3D printing is evolving at an extremely rapid pace as medical manufacturers are beginning to utilize 3D printing in more advanced ways, specialty medical engineers are achieving incredible success in complex procedures through assistive 3D-printed models and guides, and patients around the world are experiencing improved quality of care through 3D-printed implants and prosthetics never before seen.

This report, builds on Publisher extensive knowledge and publications in the "additive medicine" with even more data and analysis of more medical applications than before. The report concludes with an assessment of the medical related strategies of 15 leading 3D printer firms that have made medical/dental markets a critical part of their product offerings and market direction. Publisher believes that this report will provide invaluable guidance for 3D-printing equipment and software companies, service providers, specialty chemical firms and medical equipment firms. We also think that it will prove to be required reading for investors in the 3D- printing business as a whole.

Reasons to Buy
The market for 3D printed medical applications is as vast as it is complex, but not all applications hold realistic long term adoption potential. Publisher has categorized 3D printed medical components into distinct sub-categories to easily differentiate applications and compare which areas could achieve paradigm shifts, and which will remain niche.

Publisher's Ten Year Forecasts for the medical sector include data specific both to 3D printing suppliers detailing printers by technology, materials by type, and software, but also includes values for a wide variety of specific medical applications including various implants, surgical tools, guides, medical models, medical devices and equipment prototypes, and more.

Actionable intelligence is presented in a way that encompasses both the 3D printing industry and the global medical industry in order to help readers plan businesses against real, quantifiable data and strategic implications from analysts that know 3D printing.

We aren't a market research company trying to apply expertise in other areas to 3D printing - we are 3D printing experts, and studying the 3D industry is all we do.

Spanning over, "3D Printing in Medical Markets 2015: An Opportunity Analysis and Ten-Year Forecast" report covering the Review of Opportunities, Users, Applications, and 3D Printing Medical Technology, Examination of Medical Applications for 3D Printing, Key Firms to Watch for 3D Printing in Medical Markets, Summary of Ten-Year Forecasts for 3D Printing Technology, Materials & Software.

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