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Active Optical Cable Markets and Opportunities: 2014 to 2022: Volume I - Data Center Applications, New Report Launched

Market Research Reports, Inc. has announced the addition of “Active Optical Cable Markets and Opportunities: 2014 To 2022: Volume I - Data Center Applications” research report to their website


Lewes, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/09/2015 -- Publisher has been providing market coverage of Active Optical Cables (AOCs) for six years, as this market has continued to grow and attract new entrants, including some of the world's biggest suppliers of cabling and telecom components. Our annual report on AOC market opportunities is now widely regarded as the most authoritative market forecast and technology assessment in the AOC space and is read by business development and marketing executives in cabling, component and equipment firms throughout the world.

This year, Publisher has decided to split our report into two volumes. In this volume we analyze and forecast the opportunities for AOCs in their traditional data center and HPC markets, which is where AOCs began life as "InfiniBand extenders," but now embrace all the other major local area networking protocols. In Volume II, we analyze AOC opportunities in markets where AOC insiders believe they will generate significant revenues over the next decade: personal computing, consumer electronics and digital signage.

Within the data center, AOCs continue to be deployed to optimize the existing infrastructure by providing higher data rates among servers, switches and storage facilities. Publisher expects this general trend to continue, but also anticipates important new developments that will transform the AOC space and create new opportunities for AOCs going forward:

- Major product changes within the AOC space in the next two years as 40 Gbps, 100 Gbps and high-speed IB connections become commonplace in the data center.

- AOC suppliers adapting product strategies to the growing number of all-optical data centers. Will this mean more of fewer AOCs will be sold?

- Conversely, today, fiber in the data center is something that even managers of medium-sized data centers should be considering and deploying AOCs are a good strategy to adopt to make this happen. But how much will this make the AOC market expand?

- This report also examines how macro-trends such the advent of SDN, virtualization and the Internet-of-Things (IoT) will affect AOC demand. Publisher anticipates that this report will be a high value resource for marketing and business development managers at components and cable firms as well as at the AOC firms themselves:

- On the supply side, the report provide Publisher's take on the rise of Chinese suppliers and other new entrants into the AOC space.

- The extensive supplier profiles in this report discuss the products that these firms are (or will soon) offer and include in-depth analysis of the strategies being deployed by major AOC firms including some of newer firms that have entered the market.

- The report includes granular eight-year forecasts of AOCs in the data center with appropriate breakouts by data rate, standards/MSA, cable type, reach, wavelength and form factor.

- This report also takes a look at important marketing issues faced by AOC, such as the importance of branding.

- The goal of this report is to show how the AOC market will be able to further penetrate data center and campus networks and the economic and technological trends that are making it possible. The report is primarily focused on business strategy, analyzing the sectors of corporate networking in which AOCs are likely to find a market and identifying the main opportunities markets.

Reasons to Buy

- Publisher has been providing an annual market forecast and analysis for active optical cable (AOCs) for the past six years. Our report for 2014 is the most detailed and comprehensive we have ever published.

Granular forecast of AOC markets in both volume and value terms, with breakouts by type of interface/connector, cable type, protocols supported, cable length and wavelength. We incorporate into the forecast what the accelerating shift in the data center to 40 Gbps and 100 Gbps as well as new architectures such as top-of-the-rack switches will mean for the AOC market.

- Analysis of demand for AOCs by type/size of data center and how the market for AOCs is being transformed by the latest data communications trends from clouds and SDN to "big data" and the Internet-of-Things.

- Provides an assessment of the product/market strategies of more than 30 key AOC manufacturers including Chinese suppliers and other new entrants.

- Part of a two-volume set. This volume focuses on opportunities for AOCs in the data center. Volume II examines revenue generation by AOCs in emerging addressable markets such as consumer electronics, personal computing and digital signage.

Spanning over, "Active Optical Cable Markets and Opportunities: 2014 To 2022: Volume I - Data Center Applications" report covering the Executive Summary, Introduction, Data Centers and Enterprise Networks as a Market for AOCs, Firms to Watch in the AOC Business, Market Forecasts.

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