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Holy Week in Spain: Celebrated Book, Now Available in Paperback, Showcases Spain's Semana Santa – Their Unique Celebration of Holy Week

Finally available in paperback, ‘Holy Week in Spain’ fuses history, imagery and culture to take readers deep into the villages of Southern Spain as they celebrate Holy Week. Few people outside of the Hispanic world are aware of the spectacle of ‘Semana Santa’ but now, thanks to photographer Doug Loman’s stunning showcase of its public processions and deeply-personal individual reflections, Christians around the world can both learn about and revel in these distinctive celebrations.


West Bend, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/09/2015 -- Each year, Millions of Spaniards pour into the streets of their nation to celebrate the procession of pasos - lifelike wood or plaster sculptures of individual scenes of the events that happened during Jesus' final week. While 'Semana Santa' is as much a visual spectacle as it is a cultural cornerstone – few people outside of Hispanic world even know that it takes place.

In this celebrated book, photographer Doug Loman both captures and depicts Spain's Holy Week through a remarkable ensemble of images and narrative.

'Holy Week in Spain' is as much about culture as it is religious custom; a vivid fusion of photographs and words that will delight any Christian, world traveler or those simply looking to learn something new.


Thirty-eight fine art images explore the events of Holy Week as celebrated in Spain. Learn the history and background of "Semana Santa" in this well researched, informative, and visually spectacular book.

Doug follows penitents as he chronicles the Holy Week Processions in small southern Spanish villages as they have been done for 500 years. Deeply rooted in tradition passed down from generation to generation, these Processions were originally developed to teach the 16th century commoner about the final week of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. They have since become a means of penance for the participants and observers along with a great mobile spectacle moving through city centers throughout Spain.

"I want readers to feel as if they have been transported back to the 16th or 17th century," admits Loman. "The inspiration came from my real-world trip to Spain in April of 2014 to photograph the Holy Week processions. What I discovered transcended a religious holiday; capturing the nation and overwhelming the senses with ornate floats, ceremonial costume and immaculate pageantry. The townspeople come out in droves, people of all ages, to revel in each procession's historical and modern-day relevance. After compiling the images into a book, I have ended up with a very visual portrait of the last week of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection."

Readers appear to agree. The book has been received with critical acclaim. For example, Lynn Gudmanson comments, "Not being a world traveler, I had no idea the significance of Holy Week in Spain. The rich traditions and somber, yet celebratory processions are stunning. The Pictorial story of the reverence shows the devotion of a country and its people to the customs and rituals that are their legacy for us to appreciate. Great Book. Great Information. Great Photos."

Gerry Marrs adds, "The photos convey the story the participants of this event are trying to say; that is, put your soul into everything meaningfully and majestically. I really knew very little about Holy Week in Spain before reading this book. Great book!"

Michael F. Barbour sees the book's significance to all, writing, "This would have been a great resource 40 years ago... a must have for those who are planning a future visit during the Semana Santa time frame. The imagination used to capture the photos was unbounded and allowed for most creative visual effects. Viewing this Kindle book has prompted me to do further research on the subject."

'Holy Week in Spain' is available now: http://amzn.to/1nQO6VE

It can also be purchased in the new paperback format: http://amzn.to/1BWw65E

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