Researchers Investigate Link Between Alcohol Consumption and Arthritis


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/10/2015 -- Alcohol consumption, especially when done excessively, has long been associated with the development of a wide variety of diseases. Among the conditions associated with alcohol consumption is arthritis.

The link in between alcohol consumption and the development of arthritis is continually catching the interest of researchers. According to some researchers, consumption of the beverage can potentially increase a person's risk for rheumatoid arthritis.

Studies revealed that there are more than 1.3 million people in the United States who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Although there are certain factors that are associated with the occurrence of the condition, such as genetics and the environment, it is the link in between alcohol consumption and arthritis that is widely studied nowadays.

In a study published by peer-reviewed journal "Rheumatology", it was stated that alcohol consumption can be detrimental to health. However, in a survey that involved 1,800 subjects, it was found that those who consumed alcohol on a weekly basis were less likely to develop the condition compared to non-drinkers. It also concluded that sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis who were also in the habit of drinking alcohol, experienced milder symptoms compared to non-drinkers.

There were studies that found alcohol intake has reduced a person's risk for arthritis but, when alcohol is taken excessively, it believed to significantly increase rheumatoid arthritis risk. Houston rheumatologist Alan Friedman, MD has stated that excessive drinking is definitely not beneficial for health. Individuals who are taking pain-relief drugs should avoid drinking alcohol. According to research, the intake of alcohol and pain-relief drugs that are designed to reduce swelling and joint pain, can have detrimental effects on the liver.

It is believed that excessive consumption of alcohol is what can potentially trigger the development of arthritis. Experts suggest that individuals should be careful to avoid certain food and beverages that can trigger the condition. More importantly, they recommend the intake of anti-inflammatory food items.

A diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods is thought to help reduce the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis. There are also health professionals who recommend the use of glucosamine supplements. These natural alternatives are believed to be very beneficial for arthritis sufferers.

Glucosamine is believed by many consumers to be a safer and more effective alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Individuals with arthritis who want to improve their mobility and reduce pain can could find glucosamine helpful. Many arthritis sufferers who use glucosamine report that they have experienced significant pain relief without side effects after using glucosamine for several weeks

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