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JRC Insurance Releases Their Life Insurance Calculator to Calculate How Much Life Insurance to Buy for Income Replacement


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/10/2015 -- JRC Insurance Group is a San Diego, California-based insurance company specializing in term life insurance and whole life insurance. This March, they would like to inform both new and current clientele of their "2 ways to calculate how much life insurance to buy for income replacement."

The first type of analysis typically performed by JRC Insurance Group to calculate a particular client's life insurance needs is called their "Simple Income Replacement Method," sometimes referred to by other organizations as the "Human Capitalization Amount" method.

The Simple Income Replacement Method of calculating life insurance needs is a common practice due to its sheer simplicity. With this method, an individual's yearly income is determined and then a plan is created based on replacing that amount of money for a certain amount of time. Typically these policies are issued in 10-year plans. If an individual's primary concern is the replacement of their paycheck in the unfortunate occurrence of their injury, death or disability, then using the Simple Income Replacement Method may be the right choice for them.

The second method typically utilized by JRC Insurance Group is known as the "Multiple Variable Approach." Not only does this method of life insurance policy calculation take into account the client's income, it also factors in their expenses and responsibilities.

Some of the variables that are considered by JRC Insurance Group include funeral expenses, mortgage payments, business billing matters, legal expenses, debt payments alongside with the individual's income and the magnitude of the businesses they are responsible for. For individuals responsible for a wide variety of important accounts and/or clients, or for high-worth individuals that have constant fiduciary obligations and responsibilities, they will benefit from a Multiple Variable Approach to their term or whole life insurance plan.

Individuals interested in finding and purchasing superior whole or term life insurance should contact JRC Insurance Group immediately. They can be reached by phone toll-free at 855-247-9555. Additionally, they can be reached by email at info@JRCinsurancegroup.com or through fax at 858-537-1090.

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JRC Insurance group is a top seller of Term Life Insurance, with a main office situated in San Diego, California. Their staff possesses a collective experience of over 49 years in the life insurance industry. They offer a wide variety of plans for a wide variety of purposes, both individual and commercial. On their website, customers are treated to complimentary instant quotes with no contact information needed.

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