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Lifestyle Fitness Coach Reveals Blueprint for 'MonkeyBrain Fix'; Reversing Stress's Impact on the Brain, Body & Spirit - Baffled by Uncontrollable Negativity? Read On

The culmination of decades of study, ‘MonkeyBrain,’ by Johnny Oye, published by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House, can help anyone who does the work create emotional balance, improve their physical health and spiritual awareness. In a world where almost everyone falls victim to the spiral of negative thinking caused by stress, Oye connects the dots between the brain, body and spirit, exposing a proven blueprint for managing negative thought patterns and improving other areas of life. Styled to be a twenty-one day challenge, Oye guides readers through a series of simple activities and behavior-changing drills that help them find and maintain the balance they crave. It’s the first book of its kind, fusing disciplines designed to improve overall health, going beyond wellness and creating “wholeness”.


Tampa Bay, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/10/2015 -- Through his work as a lifestyle, wellness and fitness coach with hundreds of clients over 20 years, Johnny Oye has confirmed his belief – almost everyone spirals into a toxic pattern of negative thinking when stressed. More, Oye's research uncovered that emotional wellbeing has a direct influence on overall health, including: improved blood pressure, healthier digestion, and stronger brain function.

Many succumb to these forces believing they are uncontrollable, but, in his groundbreaking new book, Oye provides readers with a concrete and proven blueprint to curing this dangerous 'MonkeyBrain' epidemic.

'MonkeyBrain: Create Emotional Balance, Physical Health, and Spiritual Awareness: Brain-Body-Spirit, The Practical Approach' is a bold journey of discovery, spanning the entire 'human system' to fix faulty patterns caused by stress and provide alternative, tangible coping strategies.


MonkeyBrain evolved from many years of working with hundreds of clients in the wellness industry as a lifestyle fitness coach, helping others improve their health and physiques. Over time I began to see that emotional well-being also had a direct affect on our physical health. For many years I recognized undeniable emotional patterns among many of my clients. Upon reflection, I also noticed these patterns in myself. One pattern that became apparent, time and again, was that most of us tend to spiral into negative thinking when we are stressed. I could see that we all react to imbalances and stress in much the same way. It almost seemed that we had an addiction to stress and we were always looking for the worst case scenario, thinking of the problem instead of the solution. I wanted to know why we do this and more importantly, how we can change these faulty patterns. My questions were: Why do we tend to relive memories of stress, fear and drama more often than those of love and joy? Why does it feel like a compulsion to share our bad day, our physical pain, or our daily drama? And why does the brain recall memories without our permission? I began to call this way of thinking, MonkeyBrain. My search to find the MonkeyBrain Fix led me to study the latest neuroscience and mind/body medicine. What I discovered was not only surprising, but also life changing. MonkeyBrain shares years of discovery that began when I started exploring the relationships between our brain, our body, and our spirit. It connects all the dots with mental, physical, and spiritual connections that make sense and includes worthy projects for improving all areas of life. Also included is a template and journal for everyone to use. It is a twenty-one day challenge.

"The bottom line is that few are talking about the way stress is literally killing us and, if they are, they're likely advising people to just "think happy thoughts." This advice is inadequate because the stress and negative memories, we feel we can't control, run much deeper into the mind and spirit," explains Oye, founder and owner of The Joyefit Institute. "What we can do is take definitive action that will change our brain chemistry, slow the release of stress hormones and improve our entire human system."

Oye continued, "In MonkeyBrain, I provide a step-by-step plan that brings mental, physical and spiritual practices together all backed by irrefutable data. And we're not just talking about cookie-cutter advice such as eating better and trying to get more sleep. We're talking about ground-breaking strategies that were once theory but today are supported by scientific data."

Everything Oye teaches is revolutionary, but not experimental.

"Readers will learn everything from the life-changing power of positive thinking, compassion and gratitude to the importance of meditation, forgiveness, and physical movement with balanced nutrition. People need to know that they're not alone in their negative trap and that a new life of physical health and emotional stability is waiting for them. Many clients have benefited from these techniques, and you can too. In just three weeks, 21 days, your entire life could change for the better!" he adds.

Readers agree, leaving a slew of positive reviews:

"Nice overview on this subject. An enjoyable and useful book," said B. Margolis.

"The combined information as conveyed by the author, Johnny Oye, makes "MonkeyBrain" a true masterpiece and must have in our personal empowerment library! --- GTS Law of Attraction Group

'MonkeyBrain: Create Emotional Balance, Physical Health, and Spiritual Awareness: Brain-Body-Spirit, The Practical Approach, available at Joyefit.com and most retail book distributors.

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About Johnny Oye
Johnny Oye is a certified lifestyle fitness coach with over two decades of experience working in the fitness Industry. Oye is the owner of The Joyefit Institute and founder of the Joyefit Fusion TM workout. Johnny continues to work with clients, one-on-one, on a daily basis in the Tampa Bay Region of Florida.