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Stinky Thoughts: Life-Changing Book Empowers Children to Triumph in Life…Through Their Thinking - It's Time-Tested & Scientifically Proven

Masterfully crafted by Mary Ross, ‘Stinky Thoughts: You are what you think!’ fuses a beautifully-rhyming and timeless story with a life-affirming message of positive thinking. Science has more than proven that people are a product of their thoughts and, with negative thinking causing mental illness among children at alarming rates, Ross’ book will get any kid thinking positively and triumphing in life with gusto.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/10/2015 -- There's no way to sugarcoat the statistics, a report by the Surgeon General concludes that 21% of U.S. children suffer from a diagnosable mental illness – often thought to be the product of negative thinking and weak self-esteem. In her compelling and celebrated new children's book, writer Mary Ross helps kids buck the trend and change their lives by changing their minds.

To say that 'Stinky Thoughts: You are what you think!' is powerful is an understatement; while bringing together the rhymes and enchantment that young readers crave, Ross also breaks new ground by injecting her work with a message that will have any child embracing joy, potential and balance. It all starts in the mind…


Join Lily on a fun, rhyming, character building thoughts filled journey as she helps train your child how to think good thoughts, aiding in the development of positive thinking patterns. It is a time-tested, proven principle of life that we become what we think. Principles don't change! If your thoughts stink your life will too! If we don't control what we think we can't control what we do. Most of our problems can be solved by simply changing our perspective. Do you want happy successful kids? Stinky Thoughts is just the tool you need to help your kids succeed above the curve in all areas of life. It is scientifically proven we overcome by our thinking. Stinky Thoughts teaches your child how to overcome and gain victory through their thinking. Teach your kids how to think and believe the best to reach their full potential. Having a life of joy, meaning, purpose and success is just a thought away!

"Using colorful illustrations and a bold message, I take children on a journey of beauty that will ultimately change their lives," explains Ross. "Science is constantly proving that our lives are shaped, improved and even destroyed by how we think. My goal is to help children foster positive patterns of thinking from a young age. When they do this, there's nothing they can't achieve!"

Continuing, "At the same time, I retain the traditional elements of children's fiction that make the genre so magical. The story works hand-in-hand with the boundless opportunities children find themselves presented with each and every day. My book will help them grab them, remain positive and succeed."

The formula appears to be working. Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews. Trina Petty comments, "I just got my Stinky Thoughts book sent to my kindle and what a treat! My six year old and I were delighted with the positive message that this story tells and the beautiful illustrations. It is a wonderful lesson about how you can change your life by getting rid of negativity. What a great thing to teach our children!"

Tony adds, "An absolute must have book for parents who want to teach their children positive thinking skills and develop great character. I wish I had this book growing up!"

'Stinky Thoughts: You are what you think!', from AngelWings, is available now:

For more information, visit the official website: http://stinkythoughts.com

About Mary Ross
Mary Ross's award-winning poem "Don't Take Our Babies" was published in Under a Quicksilver Moon. Mary is the founder of the non-profit organization Angel Wings. She is a certified Christian counselor, counseling women in crisis situations for nearly a decade.

She is also a public speaker and independent filmmaker, as well as an avid reader and runner. Mary resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, with her husband of twenty-six years and her four children.