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Organic Tobacco Market - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast by Future Market Insights, 2014 to 2020

Organic Tobacco Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth and Forecast to 2020 by FMI


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/10/2015 -- Tobacco around the globe is mainly offered to the customers in two form which includes smoked tobacco products and smokeless tobacco products. Smoked tobacco products are available in the form of cigars, pipes, cigarettes, kreteks (clove cigarettes), bidis, water pipes and others. These are used by burning tobacco and inhaled through the phenomenon of reverse smoking. On the other hand smokeless tobacco product includes chewing tobaccos, dry snuff, betel quid, Swedish-style snus, guthka, moist snuff, toombak, zarda, and newer dissolvable tobacco products. These products are consumed orally or nasally. Organic tobacco products are retrieved from organically grown tobacco leaves. Further it is processed naturally without using any kind of chemicals at the time of processing or as a preservative. Organic tobacco products are always possess United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) organic certification. Organic smoked tobacco products are mainly available in the form of cigarette, kretek, cigar, organic flavours for water pipes. Whereas, smokeless tobacco products are available in the form of e-cigarettes, flavoured e-liquid, chewing tobacco and others.

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Among all the form organic cigarettes is predicted to account for the major market share globally followed by cigars and chewing tobacco. However, cigar is not expected to show high growth as compared to cigarette but it is predicted to account for healthy market share in the forecasted period.

Globally China is the prominent producer of tobacco followed by India and Brazil. China is also the leading consumer of tobacco products worldwide followed by Russia, United States, Japan and Indonesia. However, whereas organic tobacco is concerned currently United States is the leading producer for the same. The demand for organic tobacco products are growing in developed countries. This growth is supported by the awareness about the products among the consumers and high disposable income existing in developed countries. North American countries such as United States is expected to be the leading consumer for the organic tobacco products. The second highest share of the pie is expected to occupy by the Asia Pacific region. Among which countries such as China, Japan and India is predicted to be the major contributor in generating the demand for organic tobacco products. Apart European countries is also expected to show a healthy growth in the forecasted period.

Regular tobacco causes many health issues such as cancer, heart disease, chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes and others. It has been found that globally the deaths related to tobacco disease has tripled from past decades. Among total number of dying men and women, approximately more than 15% of men and 7% of women dies due to consumption of regular tobacco. Thus due to this consumer are getting inclined towards organic tobacco products. Additionally, rising concern of consumers towards their health and hygiene and increasing awareness for greener products especially in developed countries are fuelling the market growth of the organic tobacco products in the forecasted period.

However, the highly expensive organic tobacco products as compared to regular tobacco products is restraining the growth of organic tobacco products. Moreover, less consumer awareness regarding organic tobacco products coupled with low availability in emerging market such as China, Japan, Brazil and others are also affecting the market growth.

The major key players in the organic tobacco market include Organic Smoke Inc., Hestia Tobacco, R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Natural American Spirit, Manitou organic, Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company, Famous Smoke, Smoke Spirit, Yuma Europe S.A, RAW organic tobacco and others.

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