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"Clever Girl" Producers Launch Kickstarter Project to Raise Production Funds

"Clever Girl" is a web series exploring the tension and suspense of a crime saga. Now, the producers have launched a Kickstarter project to raise funds for the production of this series.


Cincinnati, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/11/2015 -- "Clever Girl" is an online thriller that unveils tension and chills as it tells the story of a number of missing women and the police officers who seek answers.  The series began as a short film that was intended to subvert the conventions of the horror and serial killer drama.  Now, it has expanded into a more complex and ambitious project, becoming a series to be shown through web television.  Now, director Joe Zappa and the creators of "Clever Girl" have launched a Kickstarter project to raise funds for the production, filming and distribution of this series.

Located at, the Kickstarter campaign seeks funds for the full production including technical costs and marketing.  The series began as a 13-page short script but blossomed over time into nine episodes, leading to a good launching point for a second season.  The original story thread, featuring Denise Dobkin, the struggling pencil pusher played by Tifani Ahren Davis, and piano teacher Chris Schaefer, played by Kip Bennett, has now expanded into a large supporting cast whose work explored the complicated relationship and secret life of the murderers. 

For more information on the series, see and the character page at

The shooting schedule begins April 2015 and will take place in Cincinnati, a promising venue for film artists.  The Facebook page give more information about the project as well.  100 percent of all Kickstarter donations go to cover the costs of equipment, wardrobe, insurance, permits and the people who are donating their time to this project.  Prizes range from the $25 level to $5,000 and include everything from a personal "thanks" on the Facebook wall to the opportunity to attend the wrap party after shooting.  For more information on the various prizes and levels of donation, see the Kickstarter page.

About "Clever Girl"
"Clever Girl" is a new film project intended for distribution as a web television series.  It tells the story of an unlikely string of murders and disappearances and promises to keep viewers spellbound.  Now, the creators of "Clever Girl" have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise production funds.

Contact Person: Paul Joseph Zappa
Company: Brand Old Productions LLC
Address: 5830 Pandora Ave, Cincinnati Ohio 45213
Phone: 513-675-8147