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"Never Say Busy Again" Petition by Last Resort


Edmonton, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/11/2015 -- After the success achieved from Last Resort, a new petition is started by Twyla Lapointe entitled "Never Say Busy Again." The petition aims at asking individuals to change their habit of saying that they are busy when meeting family, friends, and strangers.

When contacted Twyla said, "Yes, this is very personal to me. I have started this petition for those who are alienating their family and friends because they consistently say they are so busy." She further added, "Our culture of busyness is stopping us from truly managing important things - our time, relationships, families, and caring for our communities. When you answer "busy" to the question of how you're doing, it's sending a message that we don't care about others."

Twyla has started this petition with the dream to stop this culture of answering, "How are you?" with "Busy," especially in North America. This answer always throws a wrong meaning at the listener. The listener interprets as if he or she is not important in the life of the one who is answering in such a manner. The idea behind the petition is to promote or encourage relationship building among each other by creating a balance between the professional and social life.

According to the petition, on being asked how you are doing from a family member or a close friend, the answer should be such that it makes the other person feel valued. It should not create walls against each other, rather it should create a strong bond. The number of times we say completely insensitive things to each other when we meet strangers, friends or family has increased in the past decade. The insensitive reply usually acts like a road block between people, thereby stopping them from sharing with each other. It has a negative impact on the community and the ability to help each other as human beings.

About Never Say Busy Again
Stop the Insanity is a part of the promotion from Last Resort. The petition is started by Twyla Lapointe. She is independently running the company by providing courses and consulting on time and information management.

Contact Information
Contact Person: Twyla Lapointe
Contact Number: 800-280-6786
Address: 8657 Sloane Court, Edmonton, AB, Canada T6R 0K9