Los-Angeles Based Momtrepreneur Janell Goplen, and Illustrator Mariajo Gajate of Spain Launch Crowdfunding Campaign via Toybacker

Crowdfunding on the latest crowdfunding platform is sought for their Within Me Now line of toys and inspirational storybooks.


Matawan, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/10/2015 -- Within Me Now friends are a group of quirky and cuddly kids who remind children that all the LOVE, STRENGTH, COURAGE, JOY and PEACE they are looking for is already within them. The stories are inspired by the daily challenges of kids' lives and the powerful lessons learned when using what's already inside. Goplen was inspired to create the Within Me Now line after struggling with postpartum depression and she experienced the healing power of looking inward for love, strength, joy, peace and courage. She discovered Toybacker, and left her corporate job to pursue her dream of developing toys that inspire and nurture children.

Products include cuddly plush characters whose adventures are played out in picture books. The first story in the Within Me New series is about Amber,who discovers her own COURAGE on the playground. The second story is about Rusty, a little boy who goes searching for love and finds the LOVE within. The series launched March 1 on and the crowdfunding drive runs through March 28. Goplen and Gajate need to raise $10,000 and the campaign is currently funded at 64%. Within Me Now's dolls and books are only available on until March 28th. The first 100 backers will receive a Within Me Now & Friends CD featuring Grammy nominated artists and musicians.

"Postpartum ended up being a gift for me. Now I can share what I learned in the form of an adorable, quality product, with a real message that lasts. Now is the time for moms to get into the toy game, even as a hobby. With sites like the barrier to entry is incredibly low. We know exactly what we want and what our kids want. So many of us have looked at what's currently on the market, and said, "Where are the toys I want to buy for babies and toddlers?" Within Me Now products are my answer to that question. Toybacker has been an awesome avenue to bring this dream to the market. I can't wait to have Rusty and Amber dolls and books in house holds accross the US."

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"Within Me Now" is the greatest message to send kids. In this age of glamour girls and super heroes "Rusty" and "Amber" and their friends will let girls AND boys know that they are just fine the way they are. BETTER than fine-fantastic! These dolls represent Love and Courage and everything else we want our children to feel about themselves. And they are cuddly and adorable too-I love them!! Can't wait to show my little girl." – Jean Smart (Actress and Mommy)

About Janell Goplen
Janell Goplen has worked in toy PR, marketing, and product development for large toy companies and brands including Disney Princess, Frozen, Despicable Me, SD Entertainment, JibJab Entertainment's StoryBots. This is her first momtrepreneur toy adventure. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children.

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About Mariajo Gajate
Mariajo is an award winning ilustrator originally from Spain, now living in England. Her work can be found at

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